5 Beautiful White Wicker Rockers For Sale Online (Patio Perfection For Your Home)

Are you lookin for a comfortable chair to sit in on your porch or patio?

Do you want outdoor furniture that will last a lifetime?

Have you ever considered decorating with a wicker rocker?

If so, you’re in luck! Below, we’ve gathered information about five of the best white wicker rockers for sale on the market today. You can check out the options and choose one that will work perfectly with your outdoor spaces—or you may want to just bring one home for indoor use instead!

There are some great reasons to have a wicker rocker, whether you choose to use it inside or outdoors:

indoor wicker rocking chair
  • Wicker is a timeless material that looks great with just about any type of decor or style.
  • Wicker is durable, and it takes a lot to really damage furniture made out of wicker.
  • It’s easy to keep wicker clean.

You may find your own great reasons for having a wicker rocker in your home, so why not try one or more of the great products listed below and see for yourself?

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Picks:

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1. Tortuga Outdoor Portside Plantation Rocker

Tortuga Outdoor Portside Plantation Rocker White

Bring home this Tortuga Outdoor Portside Plantation Rocker for a beautiful and elegant style wicker rocker that will make your porch pop. This chair is designed for all types of weather and is sure to look amazing alongside any of your existing outdoor furnishings, too.


  • check
    This chair has wider arm rests than some, making it more comfortable to sit in.
  • check
    The chair glides smoothly and is easy to put together as well.


  • The included cushion may be lower quality and could need to be replaced sooner than the chair itself.
  • The included hardware may become rusted quickly in some rare instances.

2. International Caravan Resin Wicker Rocking Chairs

International Caravan 3182-2CH-WT-IC Furniture Piece Resin Wicker Camel Back Rocking Chairs (Set of Two)

Choose these International Caravan Resin Wicker Rocker Chairs to enjoy a timeless style in your wicker rocker. These chairs, available in three different color options including white, are solid and sturdy enough to stay in your yard or on your porch for years with no trouble. They’re quick and easy to assemble and they are comfortable enough for anyone in your family to enjoy sitting in, too.


  • check
    The colors hold up to a lot of wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements.
  • check
    The wicker is durable and doesn’t get damaged easily by the heat or sunlight.


  • There may be some cosmetic problems with the rockers on arrival, such as chipping paint or damaged wicker.
  • The rocking motion may not be very smooth in these chairs.

3. All Weather Grand Resin Wicker Rocker

All Weather Grand Resin Wicker Rocker - Steel Frame

With the All Weather Grand Wicker Rocker, you can enjoy a durable and comfortable time outdoors every time you sit in your new favorite chair. This white rocker is UV-protected to prevent the wicker from chipping or breaking and to keep the paint color looking great throughout the chair’s lifetime, too. This is a beautiful chair that looks excellent as part of any outdoor decor and is sturdy enough to be part of your patio for years to come.


  • check
    This chair is very easy to put together without too much trouble.
  • check
    The chair is small enough to fit into an apartment-sized patio space with no trouble.


  • There are no included cushions with this chair.
  • The chair may be difficult to keep clean.

4. Jeco Rocker Wicker Chair

Jeco W00206R-B_2-FS007 Rocker Wicker Chair with Brown Cushion, Set of 2, White

If you’re looking for a great set of wicker rockers that come in a variety of different colors—including white—look no further than the Jeco Rocker Wicker Chair set of two. These chairs are affordable and beautiful enough to become an important part of your backyard setup in no time. Set them up on your porch or patio and rock the day away in comfort and in style.


  • check
    These chairs are very easy to put together without much trouble by following the included directions.
  • check
    The color looks great and doesn’t chip or fade easily.


  • The included cushions may be lower quality and may need to be replaced sooner rather than later.
  • The chairs may arrive with some missing hardware, although the company will replace it if this happens.

5. Oakland Living Resin Wicker Rocker

Oakland Living Resin Wicker Rocker with Cushion, Set of 2

With the Oakland Living Resin Wicker Rocker set of two chairs, you can bring home a couple of high-quality rockers that will look great in your sun room, on your lanai, or even on your front porch. This set of chairs is easy to put together and features metal hardware that will hold up to a lot of use outdoors.


  • check
    The chairs can be put together in just a few short minutes without much trouble at all.
  • check
    The chairs rock smoothly and comfortably right after assembly and don’t require any time to be “broken in.”


  • The attachments for the rocker portion of the chairs has been known to rust easily after a short amount of time.
  • These chairs may be very difficult to keep clean.


There are so many great wicker chairs to choose from, it can be tough to narrow it down! No matter which one you pick, however, if you go with a chair from the list above, you’re sure to enjoy the great high-quality product you’ll receive. These are excellent chairs that are comfortable as they are beautiful and functional, so you truly can’t go wrong with any one of them!

wicker chair

But how do you clean wicker chairs like these? Is there anything special you need to do? In short, no—just be sure you don’t use anything too harsh on your wicker. You should use a small amount of a mild dish soap in warm water and wipe off the wicker with a sponge for best results. Then rinse the soap suds away with a gentle setting on your garden hose and let the furniture air-dry. You may also choose to add a little bit of white vinegar to the mix if you’re looking to clean up mold, mildew, or very tough stains that might have gotten into your wicker furniture.

By keeping your wicker clean, you’ll be able to help it last much longer and keep it looking great for many years to come.