5 Vinyl Strap Replacement Kits For Outdoor Patio Furniture Repair (DIY Fix)

Do you have patio furniture that’s in need of a little upgrade?

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for you to replace the vinyl straps on your patio furniture rather than having to buy a whole new piece of furniture every time something gets broken?

Would you like to learn about something that can make this type of repair much easier?

If so, you’ve come to the right article!

Below, we’ll introduce you to a few different varieties of vinyl straps that can help you make a difference in your patio furniture repair. You’ll be able to choose based on the color, size, and strength of vinyl to help you fit your needs perfectly.

But can you save money by using vinyl strap replacement kits for outdoor patio furniture repair, or is it not worth the effort? In the end, it’s definitely worth the effort to learn how to replace the vinyl straps on your patio furniture. This way, if something happens to your lounges or chairs, you don’t have to be out the cost of a whole new chair to get it taken care of.

Although there is some effort involved in improving the condition of your worn-out old vinyl patio furniture, it’s well worth it in the long run. Read on to find out more about the best vinyl replacement kits out there on the market.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Picks:

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1. Vinyl Chair Strapping Outdoor Patio Furniture Repair

2' Vinyl Chair Strap Strapping Outdoor Patio Lawn Furniture Repair 20' Brown New

Get started repairing your furniture with this Vinyl Chair Strapping Outdoor Patio Furniture Repair vinyl. This product comes with twenty feet of 2-inch vinyl strapping in dark brown and is ready to help you get started replacing your damaged vinyl in no time.


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    This product is thick, durable, and sturdy enough to not become damaged by exposure to wind, rain, or sunlight.
  • check
    The vinyl is very easy to keep clean by simply wiping it down or hosing it off as needed in most situations.


  • This vinyl only comes in brown, so you do not have many color options.
  • The vinyl doesn’t come with rivets or any other fasteners.

2. Vinyl Chair Strap Patio Furniture Repair

1.5 Black Inch Vinyl Chair Strap Strapping Patio Furniture Repair 10 Feet Long

When you need a slightly thinner option, go with this 1.5-inch Vinyl Chair Strap Patio Furniture Repair vinyl. This product is designed to hold up well to a lot of wear and tear as well as exposure to direct sunlight without breaking down or showing signs of aging.


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    This is UV-resistant vinyl that holds its color very well.
  • check
    The product is thick and durable for years of use in any weather.


  • This vinyl is thinner and may not be as comfortable as some others out there.
  • The vinyl is only available in a ten-foot length.

3. Vinyl Brown Strapping for Chairs

10 Ft x 1.5' Vinyl Brown Strap Strapping for Chairs Outdoor Patio Furniture Replacement Pool Lawn Garden Repair Super-Deals-Shop

Repair your furniture with this Vinyl Brown Strapping for Chairs and enjoy the end results in no time. This strap is thick and sturdy, and it’s resistant to UV rays so that it won’t fade or start to break down when exposed to hot, direct sunlight.


  • check
    This product is made specifically for outdoor use in mind.
  • check
    The vinyl is easy to cut and wrap as needed to complete your project effectively.


  • This vinyl is only available in brown, so you may be limited by color options with this one.
  • The vinyl doesn’t come with any replacement rivets.

4. USA Premium Store Vinyl Chair Strap

USA Premium Store 10' Vinyl 2' Chair Strap Strapping Outdoor Patio Lawn Furniture Repair Brown

Go with this USA Premium Store Vinyl Chair Strap to find everything you’re looking for and more in one convenient strap. This vinyl is two inches in width and ten feet in length, and it is available in a dark brown color that matches just about any type of patio decor.


  • check
    This product is sturdy and heavy-duty for extended use.
  • check
    The color won’t fade out in the sun.


  • This vinyl only comes in a very small roll, unlike some other options out there.
  • The vinyl doesn’t come with any rivets.

5. Sunniland Patio Vinyl Strap

2' Wide Vinyl Strap for Patio Pool Lawn Garden Furniture 45' Roll to Make Your Own Replacement Straps -Plus 50 Free Fasteners! (221 Black)

Choose this Sunniland Patio Vinyl Strap when you’re looking for two-inch thick vinyl strapping. This strap kit comes with 45 feet of vinyl and includes 50 rivets for free. This can make it much easier for you to figure out your rivet replacement and to get your patio furniture back up and running again in no time.


  • check
    This is heavy-duty, commercial quality patio vinyl that’s safe for all sorts of settings and situations.
  • check
    The vinyl straps are available in a ton of different colors.


  • If you do need to replace the rivets on your chair, there’s a chance you’ll have to drill new holes to use the rivets that are included with this kit.
  • This vinyl may be a little more expensive than some of the other options.


Did you find some vinyl to help you repair your patio chairs and lounges? There are a lot of different variations on patio furniture vinyl out there, so make sure you take your time and choose the one that will work best for your needs. Take the time to measure the width of your existing patio furniture vinyl straps and make sure you purchase plenty of length to take care of all of your furniture, too. And of course, don’t hesitate to shop around to help you find the color you’d like the best for your new replacement vinyl, too!

But is that everything you need to worry about when you’re looking to repair your patio furniture? Are there are other areas you need to consider when thinking about how to fix your chairs? Do you need to replace the rivets too? In short, you will probably need to replace the rivets, but it may not be necessary, depending on the part of the chair that’s been damaged. Take a look at the strap you’re looking at replacing and see if it already has rivets on it. If you’re removing a piece of vinyl that already contains rivets, then chances are you’re going to need to replace them before you can complete your repair job.

Keep all of this in mind to be sure you’re able to complete this project efficiently. It can take a little trial and error to get the hang of replacing the vinyl in your patio furniture, but with the right vinyl replacement kits to help you get started, you should be well on your way to a safer and more comfortable experience in your patio chairs in no time.

Pick the right vinyl straps from the list above and get ready to repair your furniture!