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Are you looking for a new addition to your porch?

Do you want something rustic that can immediately up the décor of the place?

Do you want to find out about a few different types of rustic items that would look perfect in your porch?

If you are on the lookout for something rustic and comfortable on your porch, our article today about rustic porch swing products is exactly what you need. In fact, we are sharing detailed reviews of some of the best rustic porch swing offers you can easily buy online, along with their detailed features, price range and pros and cons.

So, from finding out what kind of rustic looks you can go for, to understanding whether or not it will look along with the rest of your décor, read on to take your pick from the selection we are sharing here.

What does a typical rustic porch swing look like?

A typical rustic swing is usually made out of wood and comes in an unpainted finish. Most manufacturers leave the option open for you to stain it the way you wish, in case you do not want to keep the rustic and rugged look. These items can comfortably seat two to three people at a time.

Option #1

This product from Rusty’s Woodworking  looks like a picket fence and will immediately grab attention. It comes with a urethane semi-glossy finish and has a beautiful dark brown color with some yellow tones in between. You can hang it from the ceiling or put it up on a stand. While it does not come assembled, you can add cup holders if you wish to. The measurement across outside arm to outside arm is 60 inches. The dimensions of the item are 54 inches width seat X 17 ½ inch depth.


  • Sturdy.
  • Comfortable to sit in.
  • Swings well.


  • None as yet.

Option #2

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American Furniture Classics Log Swing, Natural American Furniture Classics Log Swing, Natural 2 Reviews

This option by American Furniture Classics  has a rustic design that features a slatted back and seat. It is a classic log finish that is made out of sturdy and durable fir wood. The rustic porch swing comes with a contoured backrest as well as a contoured seat so that you can get the most amount of comfort. It has a natural finish that will immediately add a rustic charm to your décor. It has a maximum weight limit of up to 660 lbs. The dimensions of the item are 50.5 inches width X 29 inches deep X 25.5 inches height.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Stains very well.
  • Has a rustic slight creak.


  • Holes not drilled in the right place.

Option #3

This option from Coral Coast  comes with a stand and is made out of fir wood that is naturally very durable. The item is resistant to fade and comes in a 2 tone burnt brown finish. The item has a rustic design with a fan backrest and slats. A sturdy stand and chains that help to hang up the item are included. It can easily seat one or more person at a time. The overall dimensions of the item are 70.5 inches length X 55 inches width X 67.3 inches height. The dimensions of the bench are 50.5 inches length X 27 inches width X 25.5 inches height.


  • Rustic and classy.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Comfortable backrest and seat.
  • Contours to the body.


  • Comes with a squeaky sound.

Option #4

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Rustic Wooden Garden Chair Swing New Rustic Wooden Garden Chair Swing New 1 Reviews

This item by Outdoor Living  is made out of Russian pine wood and will be perfect for the porch or the patio. The comfortable bench seat is good enough to seat one or two persons at a time. The item comes in an oil and lacquer finish that gives it a long lasting beauty that will not fade out easily. It also has an old yellow and brownish colour with black spots that accentuate its rustic look. The item comes with some pre-assembly done but requires more assembling. The dimensions of the item are 67 1/3 inches X 33 ½ inches X 65 inches.


  • Sturdy build.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • Can be used indoors or outside.
  • Comfortable to sit.


  • None as yet.

Option #5

This item from the brand Tangkula  comes with a naturally crafted frame that is made out of premium fir wood. This kind of wood is very long lasting and also has a natural protection against rotting, decay as well as damage. Another good thing about this particular item is that you can easily clean it with the help of a wash cloth, or simply use a hose to wash it down with water, in case it gets dirty. The item has an ergonomic design where the seat has a curved finish. This helps you to relax your back and legs in a way that will make it more comfortable and will not lead to any cramps or pain. Also, the arm rests on both sides of the seat will make it easy to rest your hand or just lean in for support on the side, making it more comfortable to relax in. The item has been made out of 3.0 inches diameter fir wood and has an A construction. It has a durable setup that is accentuated with metal hardware. It can take a weight of up to 440 lbs. The item comes in an unfinished look and you can easily stain it the way you wish. Overall dimensions are 74 inches length X 55 inches width X 67 inches height.


  • Big seat.
  • Looks exactly as shown.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • None as yet.

Where would a rustic porch swing look best?

There is something so rugged yet elegant about a swing that you can in fact place it with any kind of décor. If you are wondering whether or not your home has the right kind of look that will match with a rustic swing, the answer is, it can easily blend in.

The beauty of a rustic porch swing is that it will blend in with a modern setup, as much as it will blend in with a rustic yard or backyard theme.

Not only that, you can easily place it on your porch or even next to your swimming pool, as it is perfect for the indoor as well as for the outside.

Once you decide to bring in a rustic swing, you can also play with it in such a way that the décor around does not really matter. In fact, to do things a little differently and to give the swing a unique touch, you can place it in a part of the house that has some wooden influences, or simply place it amidst a modern setting to create your own conversational centrepiece.

Types of Wood

The more popular types of wood used are alder, cedar, cypress, and pine.

Normally, the best wood to use is cedar, as it is naturally resistant to rot, and is practically insect proof. The redness of cedar eventually fades to a silvery gray, and one large advantage, construction-wise, is that cedar tends to be lighter. The most preferred type of cedar is the Western Red, thanks to its fine-grain texture pleasant odor.

Cypress is another durable type of wood, and is resistant to insects and rotting thanks to its natural oils. The color of newly-shaped cypress is that of honey, but it also fades to a grayish hue over time.

Pine is the cheapest among the nicer wood types, and is both lightweight and resistant to decay. However, pine isn’t very durable, and the wood will require regular staining to prolong the life of the swing.

Finally, alder is a structurally strong and durable material, but the wood has no attractive natural pattern. For this reason, most alder items tend to be painted.

Design Options

While most products have the same kind of construction when it comes to the seat area itself – wooden planks or slats that are nailed or banded together – the style of the back, which is what you lean on, defines the style. At the simplest, you’re looking at a continuation of the seat area’s design, making the backrest a set of horizontal slats. A somewhat simple variation of this design is one where the top of the backrest curves away or even goes into a spiral roll.

Other backrests, on the other hand, can be made of carved wood, or with vertical slats that are reinforced by two or three horizontal ribs. In some cases, the backrest could even be a thin sheet of carved wood, or a set of thin wooden squares reinforced with ribs or metal banding. In many cases, the aesthetic effect the design generates dictate how the item will be made.

Making The Right Choice

You should choose according to three concerns:

  • The first one is that the material should be able to withstand the climate or environment.
  • You should also consider how to install the item. In some cases, the roof or ceiling support may not be strong enough for anchor points, and you will have to invest on metallic support structures.
  • Lastly, you should consider cost: depending on the quality of the material and how it’s constructed, an item like this can be both affordable… and PRICEY! Make sure you know what you’re getting into before taking the plunge. 😉

As with any purchase, it’s important that you know how you can balance quality and price.

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