DIY Porch Swing Fire Pit: Create Your Own Bonfire

Are you thinking of building yourself a porch swing fire pit?

Do you want to use your empty outdoor space to create a fun gathering area?

Are you looking for easy to follow instructions that can help you make a porch swing fire pit by yourself?

If relaxing with your family or friends on a cold night by the fire is something that interests you, having a porch swing fire pit can turn that into a reality. But, how do you really make such a big thing on your own? And is it really worth all the effort to take on such a project?

If you are ready to read this article till the end, the answer could be a Yes! Today, we are sharing with you detailed instructions on how you can build your very own porch swing fire pit by yourself. We will share all the materials and equipment that you may need. Not just that, we will also tell you how you can pick the best spot in your home to build one, so that not only is it easy to make, but it will also be convenient to use. So, without waiting, let’s get started.

What are fire pit swings?

The name porch swing firepit combines both the ‘porch swing’ and the ‘fire pit’ and in reality, the porch swing fire pit also combines the fun and ease of both these outdoor experiences.

  • A swing fire pit refers to a space where you have a porch swing and a fire pit next to each other.
  • This is usually a space where you have a fire pit in the middle area and porch styled swings all around it.
  • One of the best uses of having a swing fire pit is that you can easily enjoy the outdoor experience even in the coldest of months, as you sit on your porch swing and relax in the warmth of the fire pit.
  • This can also be the perfect space for hosting your get-togethers with family and friends, or just relax as a family.
  • You can get your own readymade swing fire pit from the market, or you can hire a landscape contractor to get it ready in your outdoor space. Or, if you can try it out yourself, which you are doing even as you are reading it, you can very well make it at home on your own, with some simple DIY techniques.

How do you make DIY porch-swing fire pit?

Check out our easy to follow and practical steps that will help you make a DIY porch swing fire pit all by yourself!

Awesome Fire Pit Swing Set DIY Tutorial [*STEP-BY-STEP*]

Materials Needed For DIY Fire Pit Swings 

  • 6 to 10 bags of dry concrete measuring about 50 to 60 pounds
  • For the upright posts, 6 pressure treated boards each of 6 X 6 X 12
  • For the top sections, 6 pressure treated boards each of 6 X 6 X 8
  • For the post stabilizers, 6 pressure treated boards of 2 X 6 X 8
  • 24 lag bolts to attach the beams to the post, measuring ½ X 8 inches each
  • 24 ½ inches galvanized washers
  • 24 deck screws to screw the beams to each other, measuring 4 inches each
  • 24 deck screws to screw the braces to the beams, measuring 3 inches each
  • Extra deck or drywall screws measuring 3 inches each
  • 10 to 14 pine boards to use as anchors, braces or layout posts, measuring 2 X 2 X 8 inches each
  • 6 paver base to work as drainage under the posts
  • 1 steel re-bar to mark the centre point, measuring 4 feet
  • Water seal or stain of choice to use on the structure
  • A choice of material for the fire pit
  • Landscape adhesive glue to keep the fire pit together
  • Choice of gravel for the surrounding area
  • Top soil to use for levelling the ground
  • Sod or grass seed to cover any bare dirt that remains
  • The swings
  • Stainless or galvanized eye bolts or swing hangers along with locking nuts and washers, measuring 7 inches

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Tools & Equipment

  • Some good A frame ladders
  • Power miter saw
  • Shovel
  • Post hole digger
  • Sledge hammer to push the stakes into the ground
  • Post level
  • Line level
  • Rock breaking rod with one sharp end and one hammer end for a rocky yard
  • Box beam level, measuring 6 feet or longer
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter pencil
  • A speed square for marking boards
  • Cordless drill
  • Plastic mixing bag
  • Hoe for the concrete
  • 12 inches long 3/8 inches drill for drilling holes for lag bolts
  • #8 pilot bit for deck screws
  • Brushes for staining
  • Gloves and goggles
  • Socket and socket wrench for lag bolts
  • 1 ¼ Forstner or similar bit for countersinking lag bolts or washers
  • 2 man power auger
  • 8 or 10 inch auger bit with extension

Step-By-Step Instructions (DIY Fire Pit Swings)

  1. 1Measure everything from the centre point with the help of outside dimensions.
  2. 2Distance to the outside edge of each post from the centre point has to be little less than each beam’s length.
  3. 3Make the cuts at 30 degree on each beam.
  4. 4Create the hexagon first.
  5. 5Make a smaller hexagon that will fit over the first one.
  6. 6Make the holes on the ground approximately 3 feet deep and place the beams.
  7. 7Place the hexagon on top of the beams to act as overhead support.
  8. 8Place the long beams at the back of each vertical beam to act as support.
  9. 9Place the smaller hexagon on top of the larger one.
  10. 10Now create the fire pit in the centre.

Where To Build Fire Pit Swings?

  • Consider the size of your swing so that you can maintain the right amount of distance
  • Check the overall area so that you can determine how much space you want to keep for the fire pit so that it is at a good distance from the swings.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the area where you will build the swing fire pit has to be level. Even if it is not level before you make the swing fire pit, you can do so later, as it makes not much sense to level the ground first, then dig it all up as you work.
  • Also, remember that the fire pit will not be used at all times, but the porch swing will be used most of the time, more than the fire pit.
  • Try and choose a spot that has some shade too, so that those who want to sit on the swing in the day find it comfortable.

What you are building is a space that has fire in the centre, so make sure there is enough distance between each porch swing and the fire pit, so that, even as it warms you up on a cold night, there is no safety risk from the fire.