PORCH SWING CUSHIONS: Get your Porch Swing Cushions (LEAVE CUSHIONS OUTDOORS) replacements in our list! Snuggle on our garden patio cushions!

How can porch swing cushions make your swing even better?

Do they add anything other than comfort?

Can they make your swing and outdoor space look beautiful?

Although porch swings certainly can and do add comfort to your swing seats, they can also make your outdoor space that much more aesthetically appealing, too. Having the right porch swing cushion can go a long way toward making your swing seat look impressive and stylish, even if it’s a quaint swing design.

But where can you find the right porch swing cushions for something like this? Is it hard to find cushions designed to fit most traditional porch and patio swings?

If you’re in the market for swing cushions for your outdoor swing, then we’re here to help. In this article, we’ve listed five of our favorite cushions so you can easily find the right fit for your needs.

No matter what size or shape you may be looking for, if you need a cushion for a porch swing, the cushions from our list below are sure to help you narrow down the vast selection of options out there on the market. You should have no trouble finding a porch swing cushion that will work well for your needs by picking from our list.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping for a comfy new porch swing cushion!

Cushion #1:

Greendale Home Fashions 44-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Swing/Bench Cushion

The Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor Swing Bench Cushion is a plush and soft addition that will make your swing one of the most comfortable seats in the house. These cushions are affordable and easy to tie onto your swing. It’s designed to fit most four-foot swings and benches, and it’s sure to last a long time to come.


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    ​This porch swing cushion comes in 21 different beautiful colors and patterns.
  • check
    ​The fabric is UV-resistant and safe for long-term outdoor use.


  • ​This porch swing cushion may be too tall for some porch swings depending on tehri design.
  • ​This porch swing cushion may not be deep enough for some swings.

Cushion #2:

Direct Home Taupe White Moroccan Geometric 55 x 18 Porch Swing Glider Outdoor Bench Cushion Pad

Go with the ​Direct Home Porch Swing Glider Outdoor Bench Cushion Pad when you want something geometric in design and functional as well. This beautiful porch swing cushion is sure to look great with almost any swing, since it features neutral colors that blend well with most frames. Best of all, it’s comfortable, plush, and soft enough to sit on as often as you want to.


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    ​This porch swing cushion features ties to hold it into place.
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    These cushions are finished with a piping trim to make them look more professional and streamlined.


  • ​Rarely, the ties could break off on this porch swing cushion and may need to be reattached.
  • ​The porch swing cushion may smell strongly when it first arrives.

Cushion #3:

Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Coventry Brown Swing/Bench Cushion

Choose the ​Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Swing Cushion when you’re looking for something that comes in a variety of different color patterns. This pillow has 16 pattern options to pick from, each of which is made of durable polyester that is safe and comfortable for use inside or out. The filling is also polyester so you don’t have to worry about it becoming moldy or soggy when it rains on the porch swing cushion outside, either.


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    ​This porch swing cushion is made of fabric that is resistant to UV damage and to tearing and staining.
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    ​The ties are sewn on to make them secure and easier to use than Velcro attachments.


  • ​Some customers have found that the porch swing cushion won’t lay flat very well after it’s opened.
  • ​This porch swing cushion may be a little too short for some traditional five-foot swings, depending on their style and shape.

Cushion #4:

Plow & Hearth 60' x 16-1/2' Weather-Resistant Outdoor Classic Swing/Bench Cushion, in Geranium

If you prefer big, bold, floral prints on your porch swing cushion fabric, check out this ​Weather Resistant Outdoor Classic Swing Cushion. This porch swing cushion features UV protection and is designed to resist both water and soil as well. It’s easy to clean and dry, and it is stuffed with a comfortable and durable filling that won’t get moldy easily, either.


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    ​This porch swing cushion ties onto the swing, making it easy to use on just about any seat.
  • check
    These cushions are the right size for most traditional 5-foot swings.


  • ​Some customers feel the porch swing cushion wears out too quickly.
  • ​Rarely, the product may arrive with some damage or missed stitches.

Cushion #5:

Black and White Geometric Hockley Print Indoor / Outdoor Tufted Cushion for Bench, Swing, Glider - Choose Size (60' x 18')

Take a look at this ​Black and White Indoor/Outdoor Tufted Cushion for Swing and you’re sure to be pleased with what you see. This unique porch swing cushion offers a fun geometric print that will look great on many porches. It includes two ties on each side to attach the porch swing cushion to the back of the swing seat, and it comes in more than one size option so you can find the one that will fit your swing best. The fabric is designed to be water-resistant and safe for use outdoors but soft enough to use inside as well.


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    ​These are very sturdy and well-made swing seats with durable stitching.
  • check
    ​The ties on these seats hold up well to a lot of use, even by kids and pets.


  • ​This porch swing cushion only comes in black and white, so it may not be ideal for everyone.
  • ​The black fabric may potentially run when it’s wet, although this is not very common.

Swing Cushions For All

Were you able to find a porch swing cushion that will work for your swing? There are many great options out there, and it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick the one that’s right for your décor as well as for the style of swing you have. By choosing one of the cushions from our list above, you’ll be sure to bring home a quality porch swing cushion that will keep you and your whole family comfortable.

porch swing cushions

But is there anything you need to keep in mind when trying to make up your mind? Is there much of a difference between the different types of cushions on our list? Will all  cushions fit every swing, or should you measure first?

It’s always a good idea to measure your porch swing first to make sure your porch swing cushion will fit. Don’t just measure the length, but remember to measure the depth and even the height too. This way, you can determine whether or not your porch swing cushion will fit in all directions, and whether or not it will be too tall for the swing you have.

Don’t forget to look at the shape of the porch swing cushion, too. If your swing seat is uniquely-shaped, then a regular rectangle porch swing cushion may not be the ideal choice for it. And if your swing happens to have individual seat sections instead of one long bench-style seat, you’ll need to choose something different as well.

With a little planning, you’ll be able to pick the perfect porch swing cushion in no time. Just remember to measure and pay attention to the style of cushions you’re looking at for best results. Don’t forget to pick one in a color or pattern that will match your existing furnishings, too!

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