Porch Swing Bed


If you’re looking for a cozy spot to relax outdoors, a hanging swing bed is a great option. Whether it’s in the front or back porch, they are a one-of-a-kind wood working experience statement piece that will complement your new house or small business. They’re also a perfect addition to a screened in porch or patio swing balcony. You can find hanging porch swing design ideas made from wood, wicker, or metal and in a variety of materials and styles. Some swings have a glider mechanism, while others are simply cribs suspended from the ceiling or pergola. You can also get custom porch swings made to fit your specific outdoor living space. Many people like to put their swing bed on their front porch, but they can also be placed on a screened porch, in a gazebo, or even indoors.

How to choose a hanging swing bed for your porch?

When it comes to choosing a hanging swing bed for your porch, there are many factors to consider. First, you need to decide what style of porch bed you want. There are many different styles on the market, from traditional porch swings to more modern designs. You also need to think about where you will place the swing bed. Will it be in a screened-in porch or an open area? A popular spot is under a tree or in a corner of the yard where it can be easily enjoyed. You will also need to take into account the size of bed you will need. A twin size bed is appropriate for most porches, but if you have a large porch, you may want to consider a custom size bed. Make sure to measure the bottom of the swing so you know how much space you need. Once you have decided on the style and location, you can start looking for the perfect swing bed.

There are many different places to find swing beds. You can find them at major retailers online. If you want a more custom look, you can also have a swing bed made to order. There are many different styles and materials to choose from, so take your time in selecting the right one for your porch. Be sure to take into account the size and weight capacity of the bed, and how often you’ll be using it. If it’s something meant for the summer time, you’ll need to store it during inclement weather.

A beautiful swing bed can add charm and relaxation to any porch, so make sure to choose one that compliments your overall porch design. Once you have found the perfect hanging swing bed for your porch, sit back and enjoy the peacefulness of swinging in the breeze. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect porch swing bed for your home.

Option #1

Cari Bay Deep Seating Porch Natural Finish Swing Bed Made of Eucalyptus Wood with Khaki Cushion and 4-Foot Hanging Chain - Assembly Required

DIMENSIONS:65 X 30 X 21 Inches

Try napping on the Cari Bay Deep Seating  option and see for yourself how comfy it can really be! The Belham Living Brighton deep-seat porch swing bed with cushion is a peaceful addition to your front porch and makes being on cloud nine as simple as taking a seat outside. This swing bed includes a 4-foot hanging chain, a cozy padded cushion, and two bolsters made of eucalyptus wood with a natural finish. For a relaxing outdoor escape, hang it on your patio or porch. Traditional slat construction make for an enduring and pleasant area where you and your visitors may relax. Professional installation is advised for the best hanging outcome since each corner of this swing bed needs to be connected to a strong overhead point for further hanging stability. 

It is simple to put together, appears to be well made, and will hold up well. Hiring a handyman to do it would make short work of it for sure. Unfortunately, the chain seems a bit short, though. It seems like any chain could simply connect to the hooks that came with the initial chain, so buying some new chains should be easy enough. Additionally, it’s indeed smaller than it looked on the picture. Still big enough to lay down and take a nap, but not too big to be challenging to enter and exit. There are no pillows supplied with it, so  we’ve  acquired several extra pillows in various sizes to make it even comfier. The cloth is primarily intended for rapid drying rather than waterproofing, so it’s probably still a good idea to not get it too wet. The swing seat may be tilted forward or back by adjusting the chain that connects to the back and arm of the swing. That greatly aided in our seat comfort. Excellent comfort overall!

Option #2

Avantaway Modern Cottonwood Deep Seating Porch Swing Bed with Cushion Constructed of Eucalyptus Wood in Gray Glaze Finish 64L x 28D x 21H in.


When you want to stretch out and take a nap outdoors, you might want the Modern Cottonwood Deep Seating  offer. This bed features a deep back to give you more room to lay down, and it’s long enough to get comfortable on as well. The frame is made of solid and sturdy eucalyptus wood, making it a little more unique than some of the others on our list, and it features driftwood accents. It comes with the 48-inch hanging chain you need to hang it properly as well as a cushion to fit it and provide lots of comfort for your porch or yard. The driftwood finish is complemented by a gray cushion with white piping. The 5-foot-long seat needs some minimal construction, but it’s well worth it, as the traditional crossing back design will look fantastic on any porch. 

This swing bed is simply great and I can imagine every weekend, taking at least an hour or two to unwind, read, etc. on it with pleasure. The swing cushion itself is excellent, and it was wrapped properly, too. I would absolutely buy some back pillows because they do not come with it and it is awkward to lean against without them, though. Nevertheless, they are stunning swings in every way and a  fantastic value for the money. One issue I can see though is that taller individuals may not be able to  fully extend out since it isn’t long enough.

Option #3

Pine 6' Traditional English Swingbed, White

DIMENSIONS:75 X 47 X 28 Inches

If you’re looking for a large, spacious choice you can really stretch out on, you may want to consider this Outdoor 6’ Traditional English  choice. This bed is made of natural pine and is handmade. It’s designed to allow you to put a thin mattress or cushion it and use it like a bed at all times rather than converting it from a bed to a seat and back again. This is a unique item that is sure to look beautiful on any porch. This swing bed offering has warm coziness and a timeless style, and you can be sure that it’s built to last since it was created in the USA by Pennsylvania Amish.

The entire family will love spending a lot of time swinging, reading, and interacting on this hanging bed, all season long. It also includes all the chains and hardware, and the only thing you need are hooks to hang it on. It is important to note, though, that it swings rather heavily even when empty, so make sure your attachments are solid. Lastly, Although this swing bed may be kept outside over the winter, it’s advisable to cover it if it won’t be in use to increase its lifespan.

Option #4

Leisure Season SBWC402 Swing Bed With Canopy - Brown - 1 Piece - 2-Person Covered Hammock With Wooden Stand - Outdoor Daybed, Furniture For Lawn, Patio, Poolside, Deck, Garden, Backyard - Adjustable

DIMENSIONS:125.98 X 62.99 X 68.9 Inches

For a great, high-quality, modern style swinging bed, check out the Leisure Season Canopy . This choice is made of all-natural materials and comes with an optional fabric cover that can help you keep the sun out of your eyes when you want to relax in this bed in your backyard. With two included cushions, it is ready to go in no time. Try this adjustable-height canopy swing bed when your life is hectic, and you want to make the most of your downtime. Unwind all day and, if you’d like, all night as well, in this beautiful swing bed and enjoy relaxing vibes on-demand. This unique design, which puts a contemporary spin on the classic backyard hammock, establishes the standard for greater comfort, coziness, and character. Enjoy the impression that you’re on a weekend getaway, whether you’re using it in the garden or on the patio, or even by the pool.

It arrived precisely as expected and was everything hoped for. It’s quite comfy and also lovely to look at. Additionally, it’s simple to take the hammock component off in case of bad weather or a storm. Having said that, you’ll probably need some creativity, forethought, and patience to put it all together. Most likely A t least two people should put it up together, and four would be ideal. Another problem was that some drilled holes needed to have extra depth added to them in order for the nuts and bolts to pass and connect through. The product may certainly be used both indoors and outside and galvanized steel makes up the hardware. Quite a beautiful option.

Option #5

Cypress Porch Swing Bed 6 ft with Heavy Duty 10ft Galvanized Chain Set and Made from Rot-Resistant Cypress Eternal Wood Made in The USA - Green Furniture - GO Green

DIMENSIONS:12 X 12 X 36 Inches

Stretch out easily in this Cypress  offer and enjoy the security of a swinging bed nap! This choice is made of cypress so that it can be easily used indoors or outside. It can hold up to 600 pounds, so you can easily share it with another person without having to worry about safety concerns. It comes 90% pre-assembled, and the bed comes with zinc-plated hardware for maximum security. This fantastic swing bed is unfinished when it is delivered, and you may either decorate it or let it weather to a lovely barnwood grey. These beds also include five supports across the bottom and five across the back. Only a select few porch swing beds are constructed with this kind of support system, and the s-hooks, chains, bolts, and eyebolts required for a typical installation are all included with every order. Rollback porch swings are gorgeous by nature and look fantastic on any front porch. Heavy-duty slats that are 1 inch thick, 1 3/4 inches wide, and routered are used to make cypress swing beds, providing no sharp edges. Each slat has been polished with sanding on the ends and all four sides for your security and comfort. The strength and durability of cypress are unmatched by many other types of wood. The attractive, straight grain of cypress wood, which exhibits a stunning spectrum of hues, makes it simple to recognize. This unrivaled beauty is reinforced with lifetime toughness. 

You can find these swing beds at a hefty premium almost anywhere they are sold, and that’s because they are sturdy and have a lovely appearance.  It will squeak when you first sit down, as every wooden swing does, but don’t be fooled by that; this one will definitely endure for years. I appreciate that it’s unfinished and made of cypress. Disassembling this swing will allow you to hand-rub each board to perfection before staining it with something like BEHR oil-based deck stain. Of course, having a contractor install it on your porch will also speed things up considerably, albeit at an extra cost. You can definitely stretch out and it is quite comfy. A regular twin-size mattress works great. Very well done!

Option #6

Vivere Double Cacoon, Natural/White

DIMENSIONS:72 X 72 X 72 Inches
MATERIAL:Polyester, Cotton

Enjoy napping the day away in the Vivere Double Cacoon . Rather different compared to the other options on this list, this swing bed is in a class of its own. With a storage bag, nylon rope hanging system, and carabineer all included, this cacoon is made to last. This gorgeous Double Cacoon can support a weight of up to 440 lbs (200 kg), and you may put it up wherever you want to unwind. The cacoon’s lightweight, aluminum ring keeps it spread out completely to optimize inside space. It comes in multiple colors and sizes and is also UV-tested, rust-free and super lightweight for maximum portability. Leave all your problems at home and rest pleasantly in the great outdoors with your cacoon.

Setting it up is a little challenging, but it’s definitely time well spent. It’s ideal if you intend to hang it and leave it up somewhere. It may be positioned wherever there is a sturdy support structure. It hardly made sense to breakdown in between usage because it was too large for me to take repeatedly inside and outside the household. The bed enclosure is undoubtedly breathable, but my guess is that the front will start fraying after a few months of usage. It should probably be a little bit more sturdy for what you spend. The frame did begin to flex when loaded with about 220 lbs. It’s meant to be rated for 400 pounds, so keep that in mind as well. It’s a peculiar and interesting swing bed option!

Option #7

Sorbus Hanging Swing Nest with Pillow, Double Hammock Daybed Saucer Style Lounger Swing, 264 Pound Capacity, for Indoor/Outdoor Use (Swing Nest - White)

COLOR VARIANT:Swing Nest – White
MATERIAL:Acrylic Coated Cotton
PACKAGING DIMENSIONS:29.5 X 12.5 X 5.5 Inches

Install the Sorbus Hanging Nest  for a beautiful way to swing to sleep. Deploy this cozy swing to sway into serenity! Find relaxation in a saucer-style hammock bed with a ring frame and support cushion; it suits any location for a pleasant resting area. Nestle into a cozy “cocoon” while reading; listen to the sound of precipitation, crickets, birds tweeting, or a calm night of stargazing. A hanging swing, a neck cushion, fastening screws, and instructions are all included in the kit. The setup simply takes a few minutes. Any strong overhang that can support your weight can be used to hang it.  Your neck, foot, and other regions are supported by the complementary cushion that is offered, making your favorite shady corner more comfortable. Lie back by the pool or on the terrace, but remember: the swing should be protected from the weather as it is not waterproof nor fade-resistant. Up to 264 pounds are supported by a strong, spherical steel frame.

In use, this is incredibly durable and enjoyable for both children and adults. Three to four kids were swinging on this swing at one point, having a blast. To be safe though, it will most likely require a link chain, two hooks, and an anchor plate on the ceiling. Additionally, using a mosquito net will allow you to nap outside without any bugs. It might not include pillow sets (other than the provided support pillow) like some of the others options on our list, but those are always easy to find somewhere else, if needed. After a hard day, this cozy swing is a great place to unwind. A great find if you’re looking for something on a budget, and especially fun for kids.


Were you able to find a great outdoor hanging swing bed for your porch or patio needs? As you can see, there are many good options to pick from, so you should be able to find something that will work for you.

What are some ways you can use a product like this to make your outdoor space more comfortable? Here are a few:

  • Use it to take naps outside and enjoy some fresh air, especially if you find you don’t have time to get outdoors much otherwise.
  • Add lots of pillows for an extra-comfy sitting space for you and your family to enjoy together for reading and other group activities.
  • Use it with a real bed mattress for “camping out” on the screened porch—for yourself, your kids, or everyone!

Of course, there may be many other ways you can incorporate one of these beds into your home décor. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and explore your options when you buy one of these hanging beds!

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