67 of the Most Breath-Taking Porch and Patio Designs on Pinterest


1.  Concrete panel and gravel design

Concrete panel and gravel

It looks clean and feels smooth. This is a perfect place to spend the day with the family while relaxing. You can even walk about barefooted while basking under the sun. Create a fire during night-time discussions or catching up with the family.

2.  Basket weave Minimalist Design

basket weave  design

The understated basket weave and muted colors creates a relaxing space. Couple this with a peaceful morning or a starry night and you have quite the silent sanctuary for your porch.

3.  Sliding door Design

Japanese design

Sliding doors are known to be originally a Japanese design. Applying the same mechanics seen in sliding doors using different materials and overall setting, this almost-oriental-but-not-quite design evokes the feel of tatami mats and Japanese history.

4. Boldempi: Palm Beach Style Residence

Palm Beach Style Residence

Sticking true to its given name, the Boldempire: Palm Beach Style Residence design incorporates a relaxed, seaside-eque look. It’s basically a starry night on the beach with a bonfire and no sand in your shorts!

5.  Expanded Basketweave Accent Design

5.	Expanded Basketweave Accent Ideas

Using dark basketweave for a design focus is certainly a no-brainer. Cheaper than full wood furnishings and other materials, you can also get plain, muted colors with interesting texture to complement the dark table and chairs. If you have more space, consider glass fences to give guests safety with an amazing view.

6.  Sweet Tea Sunsets Design

tea-drinking  feel

Want a place at home to stay in so you relax and have a nice cup of tea? The Sweet Tea Sunsets design is made with tea-drinking in mind while waiting for the sun to set. Keep a tea caddy handy right outside to give you that authentic English countryside feel.

7.  Tropical-chic Design

place of relaxation

Why go hiking just to get in touch with nature when you can just bring nature itself into your place of relaxation? The Tropical-chic design was meant to fuse nature with its lush green plants along with the common place of relaxation – the terrace.

8.  Dreamy Space Design

give elegance around the place

If your definition of a dream space is one which is surrounded by many plants growing atop a pergola, then you’re in luck. If you want it raised by four pillars, all carefully arranged to give elegance around the place, then the Dreamy Space Design may be exactly what you’re looking for.

9.  Brickwork backyard Design

backyard patio design

Cozy yet free, this is how we designed this backyard patio that presents a private space. This could be your secret home sanctuary away from the place where you usually entertain guests. Consider this your ‘inner sanctum’.

10. Fireplace Focus Patio Design

fireplace for the outdoor deck

Fireplaces were not always meant to be a source of heat during the cold days. Sometimes, a fireplace is just meant to provide some light in what would have been a dark, moonless night. This design incorporates the fireplace for the outdoor deck as the central focus and source of light for the whole space.

11. Deck by the Sea Design

11.	 Deck by the Sea Ideas

We all love the sea. Some love sea so much even place their homes near it. With seawater lovers in mind, this design is meant for people who want the feel of being on a yacht or sea vessel without the rolling waves. Colorful cushions optional.

12. Kitchen-meets-Terrace Design

Kitchen-meets-Terrace Ideas

Who says that the kitchen and the terrace should always be separate spaces in every house? Create the perfect place to entertain guests with your new steak rub or barbecue sauce. The best place to cook for friends--especially if you’re channeling Bobby Flay or Gordon Ramsay.

13. Infinity Garden Patio

Infinity Garden Patio Ideas

If the number “8” resembles the symbol for “infinity,” then this design might be the answer to all life’s questions. Truly Instagram-worthy (if you have a drone or a floor high enough to take this shot) and interesting wherever you are within the space.

14. The Tiles-alone-say-it-all Design

Tiles-alone-say-it-all Design

How about having the floor as the main focus of your deck? Keep the space clean and covered then stash pillows instead of furniture so people can really see the interesting patterns they’re sitting on. For the ultimate illusion, get furniture in the same pattern.

15.WaterfrontPatio Design

bodies of water design

Love seeing bodies of water as you relax yourself while outdoors? Then building yourself a Waterfront Patio Design in the proper setting is for you. Be calmed as you look on the waters as the sun’s rays give glitter on the surface.

16. Old World Style Patio

Old World Style Patio Design

This Old World Style Patio is meant to pay tribute to the past with all its class while set in a contemporary world. Consider a costume party to fit the theme of your patio once in awhile.

17.  Calabasas-style Patio

chic decor  designs

Want to have the feeling of a hotel for relaxation but without the costs associated? Why not pattern your patio after an American-style Hotel for your space of relaxation? You could be on Palm Beach, Calabasas or the Hamptons for all the chic decor around you.

18. Pergola and Pillars Design

Pergola and Pillars Ideas

The pillars give it class, the pergola gives it charm. Make sure you have a lawn to set this apart from your main house and to give yourself a few steps before you step into your little bit of paradise.

19. Lamp-lit Outdoor Patio

Lamp-lit Outdoor Patio ideas

The lighted lamps gives this almost a Hawaiian or tropical feel. It’s economical (you save on your light bill) and you get the distinct play of shadows on you and your guests when you stay through the night.

20. Tropical Backyard Patio

Tropical Backyard  Ideas

Make sure to choose plants that can survive all year-round. Be prepared to maintain them since they’ll be your major source of ventilation for your patio as you’re essentially creating a jungle in your yard. Tiny umbrellas in your drinks are always optional but appreciated.

21. Contemporary Patio with Pool Design

Contemporary Patio with Pool Ideas

Why not recreate all the rooms in your house outdoors? For someone with a lot of space, you can put a kitchen, toilet and bath, living area and sleeping nook all on your patio. You may be surprised at how often you’d be ‘living outdoors’.

22. Circular booth with bonfire design

Circular booth with bonfire Ideas

So you have a circular booth with a bonfire. Why not add a pool? How about a grill and a dining area? This awesome space can be all you need to entertain your guests on the fly.

23.  Jacuzzi by the Deck

Jacuzzi by the Deck ideas

While this may run your water bill up the wazoo, indulging once in a while is certainly a good idea. Don’t be afraid about bringing both the deck setting and the hot tub outdoors for a completely “liberating” experience.

24. Bar-and-Deck Design

Bar-and-Deck Ideas

Want a self-serving bar experience while relaxing at your own deck? Why not fuse the two into a single compartment outside your home? Put a grill on one side so you can have outdoor buffets more often. The wrought-iron and brick aesthetic are great for bachelor homes.

25. Ground and Upper Level Patio

Ground and Upper Level Patio Design

One perk of having a multi-layer residential property is that you can have terraces on each floor from the ground-up. This may be just a 2-floor house, but the design that makes use of the ground and upper level is simply spectacular. Just make sure everyone sober stays on the first floor.

26. Original Villa Behrens Design

Original Villa Behrens Ideas

Don’t chop down that tree! If you’re lucky enough to get as big a banyan tree as this one, make it the focus of your design. You may need to clean it more often and repair yearly, but the effect is unique and can’t be built anywhere else.

27. Raised Deck with Plants Design

Raised Deck with Plants Ideas

Do you want a deck at home where you can take a fresh breath of air? Surrounded by plants which clean the air you breathe, you can start your small garden or indoor plant area as a hobby. It’s eco-friendly and clean; not to mention quite healthy.

28. Pool-and-Patio-in-One Design

Pool-and-Patio-in-One Ideas

Appearing like Mother Nature’s own space yet completely artificial and man-made, this design is meant to bring you a pool design inspired by nature. This is basically a lagoon in your backyard, complete with the bluest water and hard stone banks. Don’t forget the lush greenery!

29. Circular Deck Seating by the Pool Design

Circular Deck Seating by the Pool Ideas

Want that feeling where you are surrounded by water but on dry land? Then building yourself a pool of this design may be just what you need. With the circular seating within the pool, you are given the impression of being in a boat or raft when you are actually on land. Light a fire in the pit and have a cozy storytelling session.

30. Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Meets Patio

Pool and Hot Tub Meets Ideas

Bring in the three of the best things that gives relaxation to any residential property – a deck, swimming pool, and a hot tub. What you get is a complete relaxation package in one setting.

31. “Artificial Pond” by the Deck Design

artificial pond design

Patterned after a pond, this pool is intended for man, not fish. However, the pool only makes up a part of the overall design. This is a deck, after all, and the rustic pool steps lead up to a grill and relaxation area where you can take a bite before or after a swim.

32. Tiered Pool Design

Tiered Pool Design

Consider this design that uses two pools on different levels. Kids can play on the lower, shallower level while adults can soak in a jacuzzi or warm pool up top. Don’t forget the super easy and cheap basketweave design!

33.Unconventional Pool by the Deck Design

bar in the pool design

Do you want a bar in the pool? How many times have your drinks fallen from their floating rests into chlorinated water? With this quirky design, you can hand out meals and drinks while everyone still stays quite wet in your pool. Great for the hottest of summer days.

34. Semi-covered Terrace Design

Semi-covered Terrace Ideas

The slats let air and light in but keep the worse elements out. You can also completely cover your deck or patio in fabric during the coldest of months, making this one of the warmest parts of your house. This design can move from any season to the next with just the addition of white outdoor fabric.

35. Sporadic Texture Design

Sporadic Texture Ideas

Liven up a small space with different floor textures. This creates a sense of wider areas and an interesting backdrop to a small setting. With just one set of chairs and a table, you’ve created a standing space and a sitting area for all your guests. Heel-friendly too for the ladies!

36. Seaside Patio Design

Seaside Patio Ideas

Want to feel the comfort of being at the seaside while staying in a place you call your own? Granted you are in the right setting, following on this design will surely elevate that comfortable experience by the sea.

37. Pergola-roofed Outdoor Patio

Pergola-roofed Outdoor Patio

Although pergolas are designed for plants to creep, climb and latch onto, there is no denying the beauty attributed to well-placed stacks for home design. Using its idea, you can turn a simple pergola into a well-crafted deck ceiling which has its own appeal minus the plants. Decorating for parties is easier because all you have to do is hang lanterns on the slats.

38. Minimalist Outdoor Patio with Fire Pit

to light the area  ideas

There is no need for lamps or electric-powered lightins for this yard when there is a fire pit to use to light the area for the deck. Use only one other color and let the color of the stones do the talking for the design. Don’t forget a sunbrella or two for those extremely hot days without the fire.

39.Retractable Ceiling Deck Design

Retractable Ceiling Deck  IDeas

Whether it rains or shines, you have the power to choose the roof for a deck with a ceiling that retracts. You can have a mechanical one installed or an automatic retractor. If you’re on a budget, your carpenter can give you something like a lying-down set of large blinds for your roof.

40. Artsy Sunshade Patio Design

Sunshade with art ideas

Now this is a wave you can ride. Set apart from your home as a sanctuary for quiet and tranquility, this space is all parts interesting and no parts boring. Still, adding a hammock could be your thing if the rattan couches are too bulky.

41. Where Art and Nature Meet

nature with art ideas

You may need an actual artist, interior decorator and a very good subcontractor to get this done, but it’s going to be worth it. Make your patio the best part of your house with concrete panels, wood floors and interestingly-shaped basketweave furniture.

42. Rustic Patio Design

countryside feel

Want a feel of the countryside in your urban home? This rustic design is meant to bring the provincial feel thanks to the choice of materials. Take note of the white-on-khaki aesthetic that is simply classic and chic.

43. Mini Beach Deck Design

beach element design

Adding an element that makes beaches special, you can turn a simple backyard into a beach-like environment by adding fine white sand. You can haul in from the beach or have a construction company fill it with what’s available. Add a jar of sand to the mix for every trip you make.

44. Japanese courtyard

traditional Japanese homes ideas

Inspired by the sprawling gardens and koi ponds in traditional Japanese homes, this adds a Western flair through the huge pool and artificially-lighted spots. Take a stroll with your parasol or sit down and have a flavored ice cone like the geishas of yore.

45. Suspended deck Design

Dedicated to making your terrace a space for your hammock while also incorporating the natural feel plants, this patio design is meant for nature-lovers who do not always have the time to go outside to experience nature. Make sure you get a good gardener to keep everything pristine!

46. Patio by the Beach Design

scenery of the beach design

Getting in touch with the beach is easy if you have a property nearby. Designed to both make you feel relaxed and entertained with the scenery of the beach, this patio keeps the beach in view while having your own private haven away from everyone’s swimming area.

47. Deck with Indoor Pool Design

creative pool ideas

Anything is possible as far as indoor architecture is concerned if you are creative enough. Ever thought it possible to have a pool extended indoors where you could swim at your leisure? You may think it’s flooding but you just have a door that leads to infinity.

48.Underground pool Design

underground pool in patio

You may want to get on this trend of indoor flooded areas to create this new world inside your own home. Go straight from your bedroom to a bath in this dreamworld of pillars and water as if you were a Turkish noble bathing in scented waters.

49. Waterfall Extravaganza

backyard waterfalls design

Designed to emulate one of nature’s best places, the waterfalls, enjoy and relax as you look and listen to the flow of liquid in this artificially-created environment right in your own backyard. Experiment with lighting and change the ambiance with the flip of a switch. Ask your lighting expert to give you more options and a control panel to change the mood.

50. Two-level pool with Waterfall Design

Two-level pool with Waterfall  Ideas

Double-level patio with a set of stairs that lead right to the pool? Why didn’t we think of that earlier? Create a water system that falls from the top level to the bottom for that truly luxurious feel.

51. Pool by the Sea Deck Design

Pool by the Sea Deck ideas

All white and water next to the ocean spells nothing but relaxation. Sunbathing, swimming and wading are all available in this minimalist space that’s easy to clean, decorate and enjoy. Enjoy a dip in fresh water before you jump into the sea!

52. Patio beneath a Glass-bottom Pool

 Glass-bottom Pool Ideas

Just because swimming pools were never raised a few feet above the ground level, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be done as part of the deck. Wave to your guests as you take your swim above them.

53. Oriental Deck with Pool Design

Oriental Deck with Pool Ideas

Ever wanted a palanquin or pavilion? While getting muscled men to carry you might be difficult, creating something for your deck, pool or patio is much easier. Lounge about and read or have a tea ceremony next to the pool.

54.Bushfire House Designs

Bushfire House Ideas

The pool in this design is meant to be pristine and still. When you slip into it, you have to disappear. The upper deck and patio should be where the interest is at while the pool should be the silent spot.

55. Bluestilettos – Midnight Dreams Design

Midnight Dreams Design

The rustic feel of this design is easy to achieve no matter where you are in the country because there is nothing exotic about the materials yet the design is otherworldly, as if you’re in an SFF novel. Light the candles easily and sit down for a relaxing time.

56.Mediterranean Patio Design

Mediterranean Patio  Ideas

As white as the clouds and as tranquil as the sky, this design is meant to highlight the color of white on ivory, both of which give that relaxing feeling that is perfect for rest.

57. Uniform wood panel Design

an almost-oriental design

The wood panels are actually the point of interest in this deck design--not the pool. It’s like a coincidental patch of blue in the orderliness of the wooden slats. Great for socks and an almost-oriental feel to the space.

58. La Caleta Design

La Caleta Design

Smooth, clean, and not too cramped – these are what define the La Caleta patio design. Take note of the illusion of the table--no legs!

59. Treehouse Patio

tree designed patio

Because climbing tall trees is not always easy, why not build yourself a deck by the trees where you can freely relax as if though you’re deep in the Amazon? Don’t forget the comfy lamps and futons--these give you the option of sleeping outdoors in the cool night breeze.

60. Rooftop Patio Design

Rooftop Patio Ideas

Classy, check. Unique, check. Modern, check. Smooth, check. Clean, check. Everything you would want for a cozy place to stay while at home can be found in this design.

61. Stonewall Patio

Stonewall Ideas for patio

More than just being built for sturdiness, this stonewall patio is also meant to be relaxing and classy at the same time. Use a nautical design to go with a raw wooden table.

62. Truly Modern Design

Modern Design for patio

Sleek, smooth, and clean. Infinity pool optional.

63. Hamptons House Party Design

house party feels idea

Do you want something chic and young? For bachelors, house partying is a must. Just add Kendall Jenner and Justin Beiber and you got the most hopping party of the season.

64. Spring Patio Design

spring season design

Enjoying the Spring season is best experienced at home where you could observe it while resting at the couch in your backyard patio thanks to the lush green plants in the background. Add a TV for Super Bowl or a boxing match for the guys while the girls have their little chat by the pool.

65. Victorian and Modern Design

65.	 Victorian and Modern idea

Step in a Jane Austen or Lord Byron novel with this design that has both the beauty of the Regency era but the amenities of a modern home. Have a barbeque in one area while the others have tea and crumpets. Take note of the perfectly-manicured hedges and lawns for the real Pride and Prejudice feel.

66. Modern Outdoor Lounge

Putdoor Ideas for porch

This design may be a throwback to old Hollywood movies before CG, but the aesthetic is still great. Change up the colors and prints to create something more neutral but still evoking the pinup, old Hollywood mansion feel. Take note of the basketweave tables cum circular seating. Try switching between bold colors every season.

67. Stamped Concrete Patio Design

Concrete Patio Design

Stamped concrete looks great whether it’s wet or dry. Have this design if you’re planning a low firepit away from the living area of your patio. Light the pit up on cold nights or have a drink at your stone bar during hot days.

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