Our Top Pick For Outdoor Stations Of The Cross For Sale (Reviewed)

Are you looking for a beautiful outdoor station of the cross for your yard?

Would you like to find something that’s long-lasting and durable enough to keep outside year-round?

Did you even know that products like this were available?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to an excellent solution for anyone looking for an outdoor station of the cross for the home.

Although stations of the cross are usually not located in the backyard, there’s no reason why they can’t be. But how can you use outdoor stations of the cross for sale, and what are they exactly?

Simply put, these are at-home versions of the images you might find in a parish or in a holy location. Each of the fourteen stations features an image that is meant to inspire the viewer to pray, to reflect, and to contemplate. This is an important part of the worship experience of many people who follow the Catholic religion, and if it’s something that is meaningful to you, then you may be able to benefit from having the stations of the cross in your yard.

Having an at-home setup for something like this is also a great way to get the whole family involved in worship without having to find time for everyone to attend something in another, separate location. Members of the family can work through the stations at their own pace and on their own time, enjoying them from the comfort of the backyard with no pressure.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in setting up for your own family, then read on to learn more about this great product that can help you get started.

Outdoor Stations of the Cross Shrine Set

Outdoor Stations Shrine

When you’re looking for a great way to enjoy your worship time in the comfort and serenity of your own backyard, this Outdoor Stations of the Cross Shrine Set can help you get started. This set comes with all fourteen stations in beautiful, vivid reproductions that are ready to set up and use for your next prayer walk or worship time. There is a slight overhang on each of the shrine frames to protect the image below, and the frames are available in a few different size and wood variations to suit your needs. These stations make a beautiful addition to any yard.


  • This beautiful set comes with fourteen traditional stations of the cross.
  • The frames are made of solid wood and are durable enough to use outdoors for as long as you choose.
  • The aluminum plate images are in full color.
  • This wood is lightweight enough to hang easily but solid enough that it won’t become damaged easily either.

What We Liked

  • We particularly like that this set is available in two different types of wood. You can choose between cedar and walnut to find the look you’re going for. Although you may not think there’s much of a difference between the two at first, you may find that you have a strong preference for one color or style of wood over another. And cedar, particularly, is always a nice choice for outdoor use, since it’s hardy and can withstand a lot of exposure to the elements without being stained or painted first. For this reason, we think it’s nice that there are two wood options to help you suit your needs with this beautiful set of images.

What Could Be Improved

  • Although the aluminum image plates on these stations are designed to hold up to a lot of exposure to the elements, we feel that their durability could be improved a little bit. The aluminum images will last a long time, but they will fade out and become damaged more quickly than the wood frames themselves in most situations. In some rare instances, the aluminum may also rust, and this will damage the image in question. We feel that a slight improvement in the image design could go a long way.


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    These beautiful stations are available in three different sizes to help you find the ones that will fit best in your home or yard.
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    The stations come in full color print so you can clearly see the images on each one and will be able to spend time in thoughtful prayer as needed.
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    The stations are easy to mount just about anywhere and are lightweight enough that they won’t do damage to any walls you may choose to use them on.


  • The stations don’t come with any mounting hardware, so you’ll need to purchase this separately.
  • Because of the aluminum plate design, it can be difficult or impossible to paint these stations if you want to do this.
  • The stations are very expensive and cost quite a bit for shipping as well, so they may be over-budget for some buyers.


With the right setup to help you get started, you’re sure to have an excellent worship experience by working through the stations of the cross. Just remember that this type of worship is not necessarily dependent on the product you choose, but it does require certain images to be present when you progress through the fourteen stations. For this reason, it can be useful to have something durable that features the images you need to complete and reflect on in your time of prayer.

Of course, you can always set up your stations of the cross inside instead of outdoors, but this may not be the best solution for your needs. Here are a few reasons why you might want something like this outside instead of inside:

  • There’s more space outside for privacy. If your family is working through the stations together, each individual may want his or her own time and space to pray and think. For this reason, setting up the stations outside can give adequate room for everyone.
  • Being outdoors may inspire you to appreciate the world around you as you work through the stations. You may find beauty and joy in something you never noticed before while worshipping outside.
  • Worshipping outside is peaceful. If you have a comfortable backyard space and you don’t live in a noisy area, you may get a lot of peace and enjoyment out of your outdoor prayer experience.
stations of the cross for sale used

Of course, there are many other reason why an outdoor station of the cross set may be right for you. If you think it’s a good solution for you and your family, bring home this beautiful set today and see for yourself just how lovely it can be to spend time in prayer outdoors.