5 Wonderful Outdoor Pillows With Words (You Need In Your Life)

Are you looking for some new throw pillows for your backyard seating space?

Do you want something that will make a statement quite literally?

Have you ever considered decorating with pillows that have words on them instead of just relying on pillows with solids or patterns?

If so, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll help you choose between five of the best pillows with words on them to help you make your patio, lanai, or sunroom look amazing and feel as comfortable as you want it.

But why do people like pillows like these, anyway? What is the overall ambience that outdoor pillows with words can add to your backyard space? Simply put, a pillow like this can make your space feel a little classier and more sophisticated. A pillow with words on it has a sense of refinement while still being casual overall.

To help you find the right balance between upscale and relaxing, be sure to check out the great pillows we have chosen for our list below. You’re sure to find one or more that will make a big difference in your outdoor living space, so let’s get started shopping right away!

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Picks:

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1. Reversible Indoor Outdoor Pillow


With this Reversible Indoor Outdoor Pillow, you can show off your appreciation of lake life in no time. This pillow features a design on one side that is printed with arrows, ducks, and fish, and the other side reads “to the lake” in matching colors.


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    This pillow is reversible and looks great on both sides, so you can show off whichever version you prefer at a given time.
  • check
    This pillow is made of UV-treated polyester that is weather resistant.


  • This pillow may be difficult to read, which can take away from the effect.
  • The pillow is light colored, and may be tough to keep clean.

2. Nap Zone Word Print Outdoor Pillow

Nap Zone Word 16' x 16' Print Outdoor Pillow Purple

Choose the Nap Zone Word Print Outdoor Pillow to help you let everyone know just how much you love taking naps on your porch or patio! This pillow comes in a bright purple and is printed with black and pink text on a white backdrop for easy reading.


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    This pillow is made of polyester that holds up well to exposure to water.
  • check
    The pillow is filled with hypoallergenic faux down.


  • This pillow is sewn closed and doesn’t have a removable insert, making cleaning a challenge.
  • The pillow is not UV-resistant.

3. Evelyn Hope Collection Lake Message Quote Throw Pillow

Evelyn Hope Collection Lake Mesage Quote Indoor-Outdoor Tan Throw Pillow-Lake Decor-Lake Gifts-Rustic Pillows

Choose the Evelyn Hope Colelction Lake Message Quote Throw Pillow when you’re looking for a different take on showing off your lake life in pillow form. This pillow features a reversible design; one side reads “welcome to the lake,” and the other reads “lake times are the best times.”


  • check
    This pillow features a removable cover that is machine washable and can go in the dryer for quick and easy cleaning.
  • check
    The included insert is mold-resistant.


  • The zipper closure on the cover may break easily in some instances.
  • This light-colored pillow can be tougher to keep clean than a darker pillow would be.

4. Surya Thankful Script Word Print Outdoor Pillow

Surya Thankful Script Word Print Outdoor Pillow

Do you want everyone to know how thankful you are? If so, choose this Surya Thankful Word Print Outdoor Pillow and show off that feeling right away. This pillow is filled with a polyester pillow form and is made of woven weatherproof polyester fabric on the outside as well.


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    The pillow comes in four different gentle gradient colors to help you match just about any type of backyard decor.
  • check
    The pillow comes in two different sizes to help you find just what you need.


  • This pillow is sewn shut, so cleaning can be challenging.
  • The pillow features a cursive script writing that may be harder to read than some.

5. Life + Ball Word Print Outdoor Pillow

Life + Ball Word Print Outdoor Pillow, 20' x 20', Green

If you’re a fan of sports or have a family member who is, this Life + Ball Word Print Outdoor Pillow may be the right pick for you. This dark green pillow features the word “life” in white print with a basketball serving as the dot over the letter I. It’s a unique and fun design that looks great in many spaces.


  • check
    The print on this pillow is very easy to read.
  • check
    The pillow is made of weather-resistant woven polyester.


  • This pillow is difficult to clean beyond just spot cleaning.
  • The color on this pillow may fade out over time when used in direct sunlight.


Were you able to find a pillow you’ll want to decorate with? Or did you maybe come up with more than one option you’ll enjoy using for your outdoor space? As you can see, pillows with words on them are fairly easy to come by, and there are options out there that will help just about anyone find something to express their favorite hobby, feeling, or belief. Depending on what you’re looking for, you should be able to find the pillow or pillows that are right for you in no time.

But is there a trick to taking care of a pillow like this without causing damage to its pattern or design? In short, yes. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to clean your new outdoor pillows without damaging them:

decorative pillows with sayings
  • Always use products designed for cleaning fabrics with colors or patterns. Never use bleach, or you risk bleaching away the words and making your pillow less effective.
  • Never use products that are not meant for use on outdoor fabrics. Outdoor fabrics are different from indoor ones, so take care to choose something that works properly for your fabric.
  • Finally, make sure you don’t leave your pillows out in inclement weather if at all possible. Rain, snow, and ice are likely to damage your pillows over time, so it’s better to remove the risk entirely.

When you keep these tips in mind, you’ll already be well on your way to improving your pillow experience and keeping your pillows with words on them around for a long time to come. Choose your favorite from our list and get ready for a comfortable and stylish seating arrangement in your backyard!