15 Most Expensive Homes with Porches (#7 will Blow Your Mind!)

While you would think that million-dollar homes don’t need or want porches (aren’t those for quaint suburbs?), people can’t wait to sit on a deck, patio or porch and stay outdoors while in the comfort of their own home.

Some would say that a porch is a reflection of the home—and indeed it is. You can tell that a home has a superb interior if their porches and patios blow you away already.

Here’s some of these mind-blowing real estate properties all over the globe. These expensive homes come with porches and are worth over $1 million.

1. $20 Million Emerald Bay Estate

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Who wouldn’t fall in love with the panoramic coastal view of this grand abode? With two-storey ceilings and access to a private beach, you can definitely say that you live in a paradise. And with its huge living space, you can invite hundreds of guests anytime you want.

2. $13.5 Million in Cabo San Lucas

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Do you wish to wake up each day with an amazing view? If you have around $14 million lying around, this real estate property in Cabo San Lucas is worth the buy. With a villa that sits on a landmark cliff, you have an unobstructive view of Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

3. $135 Million Hala Ranch, Aspen, Colorado

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Originally built in 1991 for the family of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, this 95-acre estate is now owned by billionaire John Paulson. The 56,000-square foot house property comes with 15 intricately designed bedrooms.

4. $76 Million Villa La Palladiana, France

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This property in Cap d’Ail is a dream come true for anyone looking for luxurious home fronting the sea. It comes with an outdoor and indoor pool, sauna, and even a fitness center. A peaceful retreat awaits the lucky owner.

5. $22 Million Waterfront Home on Paradise Island

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This $20 million property has all the amenities you need for modern island living. It’s built from the highest quality materials, providing its homeowner the state-of-the-art facilities for luxurious island living. With over 17,000 sq.ft. of living space, you can do anything here--from entertaining guests to hosting parties.

6. $33 Million Modern Villa in Israel

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If your dream abode is a combination of luxury and comfort, then this modern villa in Israel will definitely suit you. With over 8,000 square feet of living space and with the fantastic view of the Mediterranean sea, you don’t have to travel far to feel what it’s like to be in paradise.

7. $218 Million Henley Mansion in Berkshire, England

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This 300-year old mansion was once home to George II’s eldest son. Now owned by a Russian billionaire, this mansion provides an amazing view of the Thames River and comes with 2 golf courses. As expected, this mansion provides more than your typical house amenities.

8. $65 Million House Under the Palms in Marrakech

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Sitting on almost 5-hectare of majestic garden, this luxurious house in Marrakech is one of the highly-sought real estate properties. The main house has an impressive dining and reception areas, offices, and outdoor chilling areas. This was built 18 years ago and took 2,000 men to finish it in 3 years.

9. $9 Million English-Style Manor in Norway

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Frequent travelers who desire both luxury and convenience will love to have this $9 million manor on the Bergen waterfront. It has the best location--just a few minutes away from the international airport. Its interior also speaks of its luxury - oiled oak floors and impressive fixtures.

10. $39 Million Villa del Mare in Point Piper, NSW

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Formerly owned by Julia Ross, this multi-million estate has made headlines when the buyer, Chinese billionaire Xu Jiayin, was forced to sell it. It was later resold within a few months for the same price to a Sydney-based woman.

11. $5.8 Million Contemporary Estate in Nashville

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One of Nashville’s most expensive properties, this house sits perfectly on a hillside, providing its future homeowners a retreat and an abode perfect for entertaining guests. It has an extensive, industrial-sized kitchen, tennis court, and a beautiful infinity pool. Exotic woods and native stones add class to this luxurious home.

12. $34 Million Chateau-Style Home in Indian Creek

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Situated in an exclusive village, this $34-million home sits next to the exclusive golf course. With less than 40 houses built in the village which has its own police force, this is a dream come true for those who seek privacy, security, and comfort. This chateau-style home has close to 2 acres of living space and comes with 7 elegantly-styled bedrooms.

13. $3.6 Million Estate in Franklin

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A Laurelbrooke estate property, this $3.6 million home is known for its manicured grounds and intricate design. It has over 11,000 square feet of living space, custom-built and Mediterranean-styled interiors, and 6 bedrooms. This property is perfectly suited for homeowners looking for a well-designed estate.

14. $126 Million Upper Phillimore Gardens in Southwest London

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This Victorian villa is home to business magnate and philanthropist Olena Pinchuk. Since its acquisition in 2008, the owner has been reported to have spent over $10 million modifying the villa to suit her taste. The house has an underground pool, spa, gym, cinema, and 10 bedrooms.

15. $130 Million Blossom Estate in Palm Beach, Florida

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This over $100 million oceanfront property is owned by Ken Griffin, founder of Citadel. The house used to be a single estate but was broken down into four buildings. The fourth building was reportedly demolished by the owner.


How much do the decks, patios and porches of these homes cost? If you would do your own porch yourself, you’d usually start at $5000. Trying to emulate a luxury porch on a budget would cost you anywhere from $30,000 for starters. Keep in mind that the homes here would usually have architects, designers and interior decorators do the porches upwards of $100,000.

Are you lusting after these mega homes and the porches they have? That’s all right—you can always use them for inspiration when you’re finding your own budget and design for your porch.