2 Kids Porch Swing Seats (CHILD SAFETY SWINGS)

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The Heaven TVCZ kids porch swing chair with canopy (2 person) and other kids porch swings are great for children porch, patio or garden outdoor play. With safety belt and seats, your children can swing in safety! View Amazon for shipping now!

Our Top Recommendation

Heaven Tvcz Kids Patio Swing Chair Children Porch Bench Canopy 2 Person (Red)
  • Suitable for child with age from 3 to 5 years old
  • Metal tubular construction provides stability and durable use
  • Tent structures for providing UV protection

How is a kids swing different from an adult one?

Is the size the only difference?

Is it safer for kids to use swings made for them instead of adult swings?

A porch swing made for children is usually different from an adult’s porch swing in several ways. These swings are much smaller than adult variations, and they are built to only hold the weight of a child up to a certain age. They are usually made of metal or plastic, and they may or may not have a canopy on top of them as well.

Children’s porch swings usually come in bright, vivid colors that have characters or animals printed on them. They look like toys visually instead of like a real piece of furniture, and they’re intended to be fairly portable as well. These swings are not meant for long-term use over many years.

Younger kids may be safer in a swing made for them rather than in an adult swing. However, as kids get older, they are more likely to tip over one of these children’s swings, so they should upgrade to the family’s porch swing instead.

Read on to compare a couple of great child’s porch swing options for your kids!

Swing #1:

Heaven Tvcz Kids Patio Swing Chair Children Porch Bench Canopy 2 Person (Red)

This ​Kids Patio Swing Porch Bench is a cute and colorful option for any child who wants a place to sit and enjoy the great outdoors along with the rest of the family. This bench-style swing seat comes with its own small frame stand and includes enough room for two children to sit side-by-side at the same time. It also features a built-in canopy roof so your child can be protected from the sun’s rays while swinging. This product is designed to swing at a speed that is safe for little ones to enjoy without going too high or too fast.


  • ​This swing features a hollow metal tube frame that’s lightweight enough for adults to pick it up and move it around but durable enough to stay in place when kids use it.
  • ​The swing features a cute, bright and cheerful ladybug style design on the seat back that will be exciting and interesting for children to sit on and use.
  • ​This swing includes red poles to go along with the red fabric, so everything blends in nicely together and looks stylish while still being aesthetically appealing to kids at the same time.

​​​​What We Liked

  • ​We like that this swing comes with a seatbelt built right in for child safety purposes. This swing is intended for younger kids between 3 and 5 years of age, and for this reason, it’s crucial to have a seatbelt for those on the earlier end of that spectrum. The seatbelt is durable and sturdy while remaining comfortable for children to wear while it’s in use.

​What Could Be Improved

  • ​We feel that the fabric used in the production of this swing could stand to be a little more durable. It’s a bit on the thin side as it is and may be prone to tearing and other damage, especially when used for rough play. It may also be more likely to fade in direct sunlight if kept outdoors at all times than the other swing on this list.


  • check
    ​This swing can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on your child’s needs and your preferences.
  • check
    ​The swing canopy is big enough to provide shade for both children using the swing with no trouble.


  • ​This swing is lightweight and may tip over if two larger kids are using it at the same time, so anchoring it in some way is recommended.
  • ​The swing may only last for a year or two at most and could be too expensive for some budgets because of this.

Swing #2:

COLIBROX Kids Patio Swing Chair Children Porch Bench Canopy 2 Person Yard Furniture Blue,childrens canopy swing,child's porch swing,child size porch swing,baby swing outdoor

The ​Colibrox Kids Patio Swing Chair is a cute and cozy kids’ porch swing that comes in a bright blue color. This swing features cartoon dalmatians printed on the back of the seat and includes a spacious canopy to protect your children from exposure to UV rays while they sit and swing. The product has a traditional canopy swing shape and style but keeps the swinging mechanism up high so little fingers are less likely to get caught while the swing is in motion. This product is easy for children to push with their own feet while sitting in it, or to be pushed if they aren’t quite big enough yet to do it themselves.


  • ​This swing is small enough to fit indoors easily if you prefer to use it in your child’s playroom or want to bring it inside after a day of outdoor play.
  • ​The product is made of hollow metal tubes that are durable enough to stay together while it’s in use but lightweight enough for parents and caregivers to move it around as needed.
  • ​The swing features a built-in seatbelt so you can use it with younger kids who may not sit still or be able to sit upright long enough to swing, as well.

​​​What We Liked

  • ​We like the UV protection offered by this swing. The fabric used in the production of the canopy is oxford cloth, which is durable and thick enough to provide some UV safety for your children. As long as they are seated under the canopy, your kids should be comfortable and safe from the sun’s rays in this swing.

​What Could Be Improved

  • ​We feel that the biggest improvement to this swing would be to provide other color and pattern options. The blue swing with a puppy pattern may not work for all children, and some parents may prefer to pick something a little more neutral to fit in with their backyard décor as well.


  • check
    ​This swing is very easy to keep clean and can be either hosed off or wiped down in most instances.
  • check
    ​The swing is durable and holds up to plenty of use from kids over several months or even a couple of years.


  • ​This product is only safe for children from ages 3 to 5, so it may not get as much use as some others on the market could.
  • ​It may be difficult or even impossible to find replacement parts for this swing if anything should break on it.


Are you still not quite sure which swing to choose for your kids? Here are some tips for picking a great kids swing:

  • ​Safety: Pick a swing with plenty of built-in safety features to ensure your child will remain safe while using it.
  • ​Fun factor: Go with something that’s colorful and will provide lots of fun and enjoyment for your children.
  • ​Easy to clean: The easier a child’s swing is to clean, the more convenient it will be for you as a parent or caregiver!
porch swing kids

​​​You may also want to let your kids help decide on a swing, if they’re old enough to do so. By picking one of the two products from our comparison above, you’ll provide them with a safe swing they can enjoy again and again!

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