How To Make A Round Patio With Square Pavers (Step-By-Step w/ Videos)

Do you want a unique patio in your backyard?

Would you like something that’s a little different from all of your neighbor’s patios?

Do you want to learn how to make a round patio with square pavers?

If so, we’re here to help!

In this article, you’ll learn all the steps you need to take to put together a round patio with square pavers for a unique and beautiful design.

There are several reasons why a round patio is better than a square or rectangular one. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • These patios have a unique feeling that’s a bit more upscale than the traditional square or rectangular versions.
  • Round patios don’t have to be positioned adjacent to your home to look great. Some of the best round patios out there are standalone versions in another part of the backyard.
  • A round patio is sure to stand out and look considerably different from most of the other patios on the block, so if you’re looking for aesthetic appeal, this is definitely the way to go.

Whatever makes you want a round patio in your backyard, you can easily put one together by following the directions below. So let’s get started!


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  • Rake
  • Measuring tape
  • Tamper
  • Metal stake
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Broom
  • Spade
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Twine
  • Pavers
  • Snap edging
  • Gravel base
  • 10” spikes
  • Marking paint
  • Note: This is a kit that comes with wedge-shaped pieces instead of square pieces to make it easier to position everything into the shape of a circle. This isn’t a requirement, but it can save you some time and money on cutting wedges yourself if you’re looking for an easy fix for your circular paver patio.


  • 1
    Picking up the right type of stones or pavers for your patio is an important first step for this project. You’ll need to first determine the diameter of the space you’re looking to pave, so use your tape measure to get this measurement and add a little bit to it just in case.
  • 2
    Go the hardware store and purchase enough stones to cover the area you’re looking to cover. You may need to do some math to figure this out, or you can ask an employee at the hardware store to help.

Note: This is where you may prefer to pick up a paver kit for a circular patio rather than buying individual square stones. This decision is up to you. If you choose to buy square stones, note that you’ll have to come back later to have some cut into wedges to fill your circle completely.

  • 3
    Go back home and use your hammer to pound your metal stake in the direct center of the circle where you want your patio to be. Tie a string to the stake to measure the length of the radius, or half of the circle from the center to the outside.
  • 4
    Tie the can of spray paint to the string and walk around the circle, spraying the area you want to mark for your patio.
  • 5
    Use your spade to dig up the ground inside the circle. Use your level to make sure you get it very level and even all the way around.
  • 6
    Use your tamper to pack down the soil.
  • 7
    Add gravel and tamp down until the gravel is a packed three inches deep and isn’t moving around at all.
  • 8
    On top of the gravel, spread an extra inch depth of sand. Tamp this down lightly and make sure it’s spread out evenly without any lumps or pits.
  • 9
    If you purchased a pack of pavers for a circular patio, it should come with a diagram that tells you how to lay it in the correct pattern. If you didn’t, you’ll need to plan out the pattern of your patio using the stones you have purchased. At this time, you’ll determine which ones need to be cut to fit the pattern.

Note: You can cut the stones yourself if you have the tools to do so at home, but you may need to take them back to the hardware store for cutting if you don’t.

  • 10
    From here, you’ll need to lay down the pavers in place. Fit them tightly together for a snug patio.
  • 11
    Wrap snap edging along the outside of the patio tightly and hammer 10-inch spikes through the holes along the edging. Make sure you angle the spikes in somewhat so they hold the patio in place securely. Secure the edges of the snap edging together with one more stake.
  • 12
    Sweep the patio and then dump sand over it in piles. Spread the sand out with a sweeper brush until it has been evenly dispersed into all the spaces between the patio pavers.
  • 13
    Spray the patio with water so the joints are filled with packed sand. Repeat as necessary to evenly fill out everything.
  • 14
    Let your patio stand for a couple of days before you walk on it or put any furniture on it.
  • 15
    Congratulations! You have just completed your circular patio with square pavers.


Were you able to learn how to lay your round patio? As you can see, whether you choose to purchase a paver kit or cut the stones on your own, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with a project like this. Overall, it’s a fairly quick and easy DIY project that you should be able to complete whether you have experience or you’re an absolute beginner at this type of thing. Just make sure you know how to use all the tools required for the task to ensure you’re very safe throughout the process, and you should have no trouble. This is even a job you can do on your own if you want to!

circular paver patio designs

Remember that, if you don’t choose to buy a paver kit, you’re going to need to plan for cutting the paver stones yourself or having them cut at the hardware store. Check with your hardware store of choice before purchasing your stones, as some stores won’t cut stones for you after they have been purchased and taken home. Other stores don’t have this policy, but it can save you a lot of time, trouble and money too if you just ask beforehand.

Finally, make sure you keep up with proper maintenance of your circular patio to ensure its long life. Your patio will be an excellent part of your backyard for many years to come as long as you make sure to keep it clean and well-maintained. Double-check it regularly for signs of mold and mildew, and take care of these problems right away if you notice them.

You’re sure to have a patio you’ll love for a long time to come!