25 Great Porch Christmas Decorations To Warm Up The Holidays With


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The days are getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and noses start to get red from the cold. Without noticing, the months have flown by and the season of giving is right around the corner.

Over the years, people have realized the joys of decorating their homes for different festivities with no holiday being celebrated than Christmas. There are different considerations for each family who celebrate it--homes who go all out, people who make baubles themselves, and some even preferring to have purely Walmart Christmas decorations.

Holiday decorating ideas tend to lean towards stripes and typography being incorporated into the overall theme of the decorations, but it really is up to you!

To help you narrow down your prospects, we have prepared 25 holiday decorating ideas to visually stimulate happiness and spread it around.

1. LED Lights

Perhaps the most essential outdoor Christmas decor, there are more options now than ever when it comes to lighting. As such, people have ingeniously developed different ones for each part of the house.

The most commonly bought items are string lights that may decorate practically every surface you chose. Solar powered ones are also available, and are preferable to decrease unnecessary energy consumption and decrease the possibility of an electrical fire. Due to the fancy and difficulty of also covering bushes and other broad surfaces, net lights were developed.

There are also rope lights for people who prefer this variant, as well as cascade or snowfall lights that are basically rope lights that hang from the ceiling. The most important consideration you have to make if you wish to decorate with LED lights is the area you would work with. So make sure you assess your space!

2. Pathway Decorations

This is just one of many necessary Christmas yard decorations for people who have pathways leading to their homes. There are also different commercially-bought options that relate to the holiday which can include Santa Claus statues, reindeer dioramas and even outdoor Christmas trees.

If you hope to have a pleasing pathway for the whole day, there is also the option of interspersing lighted and unlighted pathway decorations. There is also the consideration of the longevity and resilience of your choice. If a different theme is set each year then you should purchase a more neutral design, or a less expensive one if you just plan to use it once.

3. Nativity Sets

Catholicism is a major world religion and the story of the birth of Jesus Christ is one of the central themes of Christmas day. There are commercially bought nativity sets that have great lighting for your lawn or inside your house.

Due to its popularity, a lot of ideas have been made that include painted ones and the figures made of paper mâché. It’s a popular construct for those who practice the religion as well as a conversation starter during the holidays, especially if you buy something unique and handmade.

4. Lanterns

Different shape and sizes of lanterns are available in the market. You can go for unique, handmade items from artisans or even vintage lanterns from thrift stores and bazaars. If you still prefer a moden motif, Walmart and Martha Stewart have great selections that are ready-made.

A starburst lantern or Moravian star can be a great, chic way to liven up your porch during the holidays. Snowflakes are also one of the many popular front porch decorating ideas that even the most neutral color palette choice can take.

Also consider Philippine-made capiz lanterns that can be both elegant or very colorful depending on the type you procure. This can be the centerpiece of your outdoor lighted Christmas decorations to liven up your home.

5. Starlight Spheres

During the past few years, starlight spheres have been an increasingly-used outdoor Christmas decoration. From commercially bought battery operated ones to do-it-yourself orbs covered with LED lights, orbs have been a popular trend that hasn’t died down over the years. They are basically lights arranged into a sphere to give the impression of a holiday sun or colored, textured ball emitting light.

For as long as it continues working, you to get the most out of your money by reusing it yearly which is not only efficient but also won’t break the bank.

6. Christmas Symbols

For as long as December comes, there are the figures and animals that are associated with it--starting of course with Santa Claus. We also can’t forget his reindeer and the elves that help prepare and wrap the gifts given to good children. But of course there are other animals besides Rudolph that are celebrated most during the holiday like penguins and polar bears.

Whether they are peppered with lights, inflated, or made o solid wood and stone, you can count angels, nutcrackers and other holiday symbols to be the first outdoor Christmas decorating ideas in your list.

7. Christmas Trees

It just wouldn’t feel right to celebrate this holiday without a Christmas tree. Of course the most important one would be placed inside the house, but it doesn’t hurt to have additional outdoor Christmas decorations.

There are lighted trees for your pathways and lawns, synthetic ones to decorate your porches, and even topiary arranged into triangle shapes and decorated. Consider a new color like white or a muted red to complement a light-colored or cream wall.

8. Lit Flowers & Branches

Recently, there are commercially-bought flower LED lights to decorate your bushes and trees that look particularly beautiful whether it’s day or night. Branches with lighting of their own are also available now which people use to decorate potted plants as well as brand new containers with other things inside to create a wonderful effect.

9. Candles

You can use either scented or battery operated flameless candles to meld beautifully with other outdoor lighted Christmas decorations.

The former are normally used on porches especially when it’s snowing while placed in metal containers for fire prevention. The latter is better as it has a lesser possibility of burning down homes.

Consider using tealight candles floating in a dish for a muted decoration. Use red, green and yellow candles to channel the holiday vibe.

10. Wreaths

This is just one of several Christmas door decorating ideas that never go out of practice or style. Of course synthetic ones can be bought to be put up by December of each year, but there are plenty of great DIY ideas available online if you're feeling creative.

11. Christmas Day Countdown

If you have additional chalkboards or calendars you can use to create a countdown towards the 25th of December, it would look great as a replacement of wreaths as door decorations or beside them. You can buy these and decorate them yourself or create your own by placing a chalk or pin board inside a frame and add details as you please.

For the ultimate countdown, you can use typography and calligraphy to add that artsy touch. Contact a calligrapher or learn the art yourself. Decorate the piece with drawings of tinsel and sleighs to be festive.

12. Garlands

Now, there are light garlands available in the market but also the pre-lighted synthetic and pre-decorated ones. It is a staple front door decor and can also be used on balustrades or placed around the pillars of your house.

Of course the ones that resemble greenery aren’t the only ones available. There is also the chains made of colored paper.

13. Teardrops

Normally placed on porch lights, this goes hand in hand with wreaths and garlands as door decorating ideas. There are commercially available ones in the market, but you can also create your own using natural materials and decorations.

14. Ornaments

Originally used to decorate Christmas trees, these are now used as Christmas outdoor decorations as well. Some people hang them from the ceiling as eye catching baubles, or place them inside transparent cylinders which look wonderful as porch decorations, or used to decorate leafless trees in the yard.

There are also easy online guides to follow in dressing ball ornaments and creating paper spheres with different beautiful designs. Another wonderful option is to create yarn ornaments by covering globe-shaped Styrofoam with the material.

If your tree in the yard is bare, cover it with lights and ornaments so your lawn isn’t dark or bare during holiday nights.

15. Candy

Spearmint, peppermint, and candy canes are also a popular Christmas outdoor decorations. As such, there are commercially available synthetic candy canes used as pathway ornamentation, placed inside umbrella holders, as well as made as garlands.

You can even make your fences look like peppermint. Paint them white, green and red or wrap Christams colors around them.

16. Fairy Lights

These are battery operated lights that resemble string lights that can be placed inside mason jars to create a wonderful looking decoration that may have come from fireflies. How about the concept of "burning bushes" that also makes use of readily available twigs or logs?

17. Wrapped Gifts

For purely decorative purposes, boxes wrapped in colorful paper are used as Christmas door decorations to replace garlands.

Simply arrange in a lopsided or straight stack on your windowsill to give the illusion of overflowing presents.

18. Christmas Messages

You can use planks of wood painted or decorated in Christmas colors, or sturdy branches attached to walls that spell out words to encourage happiness this season.

You can also consider Christmas standees that are visible from the street. PRO TIP: Use larger letters to get your message across!

19. Mats & Flags

There are always cheap options for Christmas themed mats that they can be changed yearly. You can put up fun flags like ones that indicate your home as the North Pole or as one of Santa’s stops.

20. Porch Furniture Dressings

Some people have porches that contain swings or sofas. Garlands can be artistically draped on these furniture pieces while pillow and cushions cases are also readily available in the market to fully decorate the sofas.

If you can sew, you can also make one of your own with fabric with printed patterns or embroider pictures onto them. String lights are also a popular porch furniture dressing idea, and it can also pass for the whole of the year as well.

21. Gradient Jars

Mostly used as indoor decorations, gradient may be placed beside your doors on the floor. Ornaments placed inside cylindrical transparent containers can be considered as gradient jars as well as those that make use of readily available natural materials.

22. Look To Nature

There are a lot of materials found in nature if you just look around. You can arrange fruits and other greenery in transparent circular containers.

With a little creativity, you can make use of what is around you to decorate your porch this glorious holiday.

23. Seasonal Plants

We also cannot forget seasonal plants like the poinsettia and misteltoe that are normally used as Christmas porch decorations. These plants stand out especially because of their colorful leaves of red or white which go well with the occasion. There are also artificially bought poinsettia that may decorate other Christmas decorations outdoor like Christmas trees and garlands.

Other holiday plants include holly, radish, olive branches, hellebore and hydrangea. Try transferring your current pots inside the house or to the back yard while these new plants take center stage.

24. Shabby-chic Christmas

Unused skates, sledding equipment, old scarves made into wreaths, leftover stockings and unused Christmas tree toppers are now also used and decorated as Christmas door decorations.

Instead of letting it gather dust from disuse in attics and storage containers, you can decorate sledding equipment, attach skates to wreaths, and tree toppers placed beside nativity sets if they’re shaped into an angel.

Use old Christmas-themed items to give a cozy feel to the room. These items may need to be cleaned but shouldn’t necessarily be spotless--the charm of the skates and scarves should be in the memories and how they were used.

It’s not a bad idea to exercise some thrift in this area especially in a money-draining holiday like this one.

25. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Christmas lawn decorations can be put together by creating your lights on your own. If you know quite a bit about wiring systems and aren’t willing to pay the high prices of commercially-bought safe lights, this can be inexpensive for you.

Ball shaped decorations made out of balloons wrapped in cotton thread, or homemade snow globes can be easily made as a fun bonding activity. The internet is a great resource for such things especially if you are doing this for the first time.

The time it takes to follow instructions, make your own decorations and put them up is the perfect excuse to catch up with family. After all, crates of outdoor Christmas decor are daunting when unpacked alone.

Whether you chose to have DIY outdoor Christmas decorations or there’s only time for a Walmart Christmas, you’re sure to find great ideas on this list and on Pinterest.

Put your Christmas ideas to good use and spread the joy around the neighborhood. May this year’s yuletide season be more wonderful for you and your family.

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