19 Great DIY Porch and Patio Home Improvement Projects

For every homeowner, the façade serves as the piece-de-resistance of their designing prowess.

A swanky front porch is a good indicator of a well-kept home. Your living room may be a mess

but it won’t matter if your front porch is where the magic happens. These DIY patio ideas will certainly add a creative touch to your façade that will make heads turn and your neighbors jealous.

Outdoor Glow Table

Tables are commonplace in any porch. This is where late nights-out with wine and barbecues happen. This is where a lot of thinking and relaxation is done as well. Although any table can hold a nice cup of coffee while you finish the morning paper, this piece of DIY patio furniture is sure to add some spice to your porch.

This table requires special materials and a wide, flat piece of lumber that has been aged for a while. You might want to ask for a piece that’s been affected by fungal growth because that’s where the craters come from. You want a piece that has crevices and small craters because that’s where you’re going to pour in glow-in-the-dark resin.

Using a special formula, you can actually create your own resin using photoluminescent powder and some other substances. You’ll end up with a smooth surface with shiny globs of blue that shine nicely after the sun sets. You can get the full instructions to this table  here.

Easy DIY Patio Cover

Covers are one of the most noticeable things about a porch. Just having a cover is already a statement in itself, but you don’t necessarily have to build pergolas and such just to stand out. Sometimes, just a little fabric can go a long way.

Thin, colored fabrics make for great covers that can add plenty of accent to your front porch. Depending on the color you use, you can either make things cooler or warmer. They’re inexpensive and easy to install. You just have to make sure to take them down if it starts raining or if the wind is strong.

On the other hand, the way that you hang the fabric is also important. The best DIY patio covers have a certain flair that needs a little instruction. The guide  here will help you set up the best cover based on your house and the mood you want to create.

Table With Center Compartment

Tables aren’t just for dinner plates and coffee cups. When designed the right way, you can turn them into almost anything to top off your front porch. How about a table with a drink-cooler compartment for starters? The possibilities are endless at this point.

You no longer have to worry about reaching for the cooler the moment you finish your beer. They’re already sitting at your table, chilling at the same time as you. The best part about this DIY Patio table that it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Following the guides on this  portal will give you some great ideas for that table.

DIY Patio Pavers

If you already have the furniture and the landscape, the only thing you could be missing is right under your feet. One of the most common mishaps of any porch is the poorly-groomed ground.

The pathway to the entrance of your house just isn’t complete if you don’t have the proper pave job.

Interestingly, this is also an area that has most homeowners intimidated because of measurements as well as choice of materials. This is why most people simply hire a landscaping professional to have it done for them.

What you probably don’t know is that you can make your own pave-work with just a few simple materials. All you need is a nice mold and cement. The ideas from this  page will guide you from set-up to execution.

With a good and creative mold, you can create unique patterns that will have your guests looking downward in envy as they approach the front door. You don’t even have to order any!

The Ultimate Porch Swing

Swings have always been a staple addition to any front yard. They’re the perfect installment that any kid would be proud to see every morning, but what if you don’t have kids? Are swings just meant as playthings for the little ones?

What if there was a way to make swings awesome even for adults? Your neighbors would be beating their own kids to your swing if you had the perfect swing set-up, but how do you make an awesome swing? By suspending them from your pergola, of course!

Turn your pergola into an integral part of your porch by attaching bench swings under each arc. A firepit in the middle should finish the whole job. Campfires and roasted marshmallows will never be the same again.

Does it sound too complicated? This simple, yet great DIY porch swing can be found in detail over  here. You won’t have to hire anyone else to do the woodwork. Once you have the swings set-up, you’ll be the star of the sleep-over club!

Curtains for Shades

Who knew that curtains could also be taken outside the house? If you’re creative enough, a simple IKEA curtain system won’t just be another indoor-commodity. You can also turn it into a retractable shade that will come in handy when the sun is out.

Instead of hanging the curtains as they usually should, making a few more adjustments to this DIY patio decor allows you to hang one end of the house and the other end to a tree or pole. You can even attach it to your pergola to complete the whole set-up. More details on this DIY patio shade can be found  here.

The Full Customized Deck

Sometimes, you want a full section of your porch going a certain direction. You can call this a deck. That could be anything to an elevated patch that hosts a covered table and benches. Most owners create decks for their social spaces. This is where they barbecue/drink/have parties.

Any other part of the porch becomes part of a garden or other landscaping ideas.

From a set of steps to designed shades, a whole deck will serve as a great spot for you and your visitors while you appreciate the rest of the house. Since whole decks take some time to plan and build, you might find yourself at a loss for materials and information on how to get things done.

Through this  guide, you’ll have a good plan and a set of materials that you can already pre-order even before you need them. You’ll have everything you need. The best thing about this guide is that it takes you on a step-by-step process to completion. You’ll completely understand what you’re doing and how it contributes to this DIY patio deck as a whole.

The Tiki Bar

Still on the subject of whole decks, you can also opt for a Tiki-themed deck that will bring your visitors to the Caribbean everytime they pay you a visit. It’s a great place for drinks and friendly banter as you celebrate the night away. They’re also great for afternoon pina coladas after a long day at work.

To create a customized Tiki bar, you’re going to need Hawaiian-inspired materials and a good guide. The one right  here will give you both. You’ll be setting up your whole Tiki deck from steps to your very own DIY patio roof in no time. When you’re done, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. Expect to have your porch volunteered for get-togethers and meetings.

Romantic Roofing

In some cases, the static look of buttresses and beams could dissuade you from stepping outside for some fresh air. To remedy that, you simply need some fabrics and lights to add a little more emotion to your deck.

This romantic  plan will turn your deck into the perfect date-spot. It combines a well-lit approach while still giving you access to the night sky. It’s prom night all over again when you step out for dinner al-fresco.

With some simple DIY patio awning and some yellow lights, you’re sure to have the fanciest night-outs in your front yard. Lining the beams of your pergola with white fabric at different intervals will provide some decent shade during the day.

The yellowish lights you attach along with the fabric give a magical effect when the sun sets. They almost look like fireflies zipping through the sheets.

The only problem you might have with this plan is that it’s sensitive to strong weather. You might want to take it down often if it rains a lot in your area.

The Solid Shade

When you live in a place where it rains a lot, you want something that’s sturdier than it is fancy.

Taking down curtains and lights on a weekly basis is too much trouble. This is why home owners in rainy areas tend to ignore decorating their front porch for fear of watching their decorations wash away everytime it rains.

This  idea will show you DIY patio cover plans that are easy, manageable and most of all, sturdy. One of the best things about this guide is that it is very specific. You’ve got measurements and approximates that will make sure your deck cover can withstand Mother

Nature’s attempts to reschedule your barbecue.

You’re guaranteed a cover with a roof that will handle rain, hail and strong winds. These are the worst enemies of your front porch because they can easily ruin your designs.

Swanky Porch Railing

They’re safe and they make your house look great. Most people overlook their front porch railings and just make sure that they’re sturdy. With the right plan and a good idea, they could be the one thing that makes your front porch stand out from the rest.

Also known as “Chippendale” railing, this unique DIY porch railing  design will show you how you can spice up your steps. This particular design goes great with a classic black-and-white finish.

You could swear you were in an oldies art film with the way your house looks. The diagonal lines that intersect at various points will keep visitors looking for a pattern for quite a while. It almost seems hypnotic.

The portal at the link contains other interesting railing designs that will add more variety to your railings. From the simple to intricate, you will find something that suits your tastes. There are even design schemes that attempt to improve the look of regular railings.

Sophisticated Columns

You’re wrong if you think that this project will yield Romanesque columns that you only see on TV. There are better designs than that. In fact, sporting Roman columns at this day and age is a bit strange.

One such example is the tapered Bungalow column that you can find here. It adds a sturdy, yet sophisticated aura to your house. With some stone foundations, you also end up with a rustic feel that will upgrade any front porch garden.

Because you’re dealing with the actual support for your roof, these DIY porch columns won’t just upgrade the way your front door looks. They will also ensure that the integrity of your original columns isn’t affected by your changes. They’ll keep your roof on and turn heads at the same time!

The Eco-Friendly Convertible Bench

You’ve never seen anything like this. There are benches that have built-in tables and arm-rests, but what if the very seats you had could turn into desks and arm-rests?

This interesting  idea is called a “fold over chair”. It’s pretty easy to figure out why someone would call them that. Each seating section can be flipped over to become an arm-rest or a desk if you need to change. It saves space, looks great and will impress your guests at the same time. What else were you looking for?

They aren’t just great for your front porch. They’re wonderful additions to the inside of your house as well. A simple flip of the bench will turn into a usable desk that revolves back into a chair when you’re not longer using it.

Mason Lighting

Mason Jars, to be more precise. They’re not just a new way to enjoy food at those interesting restaurants. You can also use these jars as part of your lighting scheme.

Plenty of great DIY patio  lights can come from these items. You can create chandeliers, turn them into individual gas lamps and even light candles in them for a more rustic effect. The ideas from this portal will show you how to get the best of these jars and other regular items you have at home.

It even has some interior decoration tips from professionals to give your home that added sparkle. Who knew that such simple things could turn out to be great touches of decorative genius?

Next-Level Bulbs

Alone, they could be dry and tasteless. In the hands of a creative designer, they could be avant-garde and romantic. Adding variation and quantity can turn a single boring bulb into one of the most interesting and easy DIY patio lighting ideas ever.

Simply hang several bulbs from customized wires strung across a wooden bar. This bar will then be suspended from the ceiling. By doing so, you’re creating a rustic chandelier effect that changes the image of the bulbs you’ve used.

You might want to make sure you’re using the same kinds of bulbs for this project, though. You don’t want to end up with light pollution right in your front porch. That’s the easiest way to scare off people.

Affordable yet Royal Canopies

Who said canopies are only for kings and queens? With some PVC pipes and fabrics, you can create the perfect shade for your outdoor tables.

Using unlikely PVC pipes, you create a bendable frame unto which you can fit shower curtains that will serve as shade. The best thing about this project is that you can transfer, disassemble and adjust it to fit your needs. This DIY patio  canopy is not just regal, it’s also practical.

Hollow Block Madness

They’re mainly used for construction of houses, but did you know that these blocks would also make great bench frames?

This DIY patio bench  design uses blocks as a frame. Since there are already holes in them, it’s easy to run a wooden beam in between two columns and lay out a mattress. It’s one of the easiest and most affordable designs available. Depending on how many blocks you use, you can make it as high as you want.

Painting the blocks will also help get rid of that “pre-construction” feeling you get whenever you see hollow blocks. Leaving them as they are will also make the project look unfinished. This project is perfect for new houses that still have some left-over materials. Instead of selling them or sticking them in the basement, they could be better used to beautify your front porch.

Submerged Rustic Fire Pit

You’ve probably never thought of building a submerged fire pit. Instead of building a pit, you dig one instead and line the rim of the pit with stones and covering. This  design branches out in a circular pattern with aged bricks that give an old-english feeling.

Add a few benches and a circular pergola and you have one of the classiest roasted marshmallows of your life. Take a look at these fire pit DIY patio kits and see what will turn the slightest chill into an excuse to start a fire in the front yard.

You would need to dig a shallow hole in the middle of the yard first. This marks the center of your porch and it will be aligned with stones to protect against embers. Once the pit is in place, you line the ground with brick covering in a circular motion. It’s up to you if you want a circular surface or not.

Once you have the ground covered, installing the pergola comes next. This archway should stand above the benches you’ll be placing near the fire pit. Although pergolas are known to support hanging plants, it’s a good idea not to attach or grow any. Take note that these arches are near fire.

The Hammock Swing/Chair

The most unlikely combination of a hammock and a chair could be the best thing that’s ever happened to DIY patio furniture ideas. This simple  design can have you spend hours in one spot with a good book.

The set-up is really easy. A single suspension from high place will hang down into a bar that will hold two loops on both ends. Each loop will hold a canvas that has been run through the length of each loop that will support you when you sit down.

Since you’ll need a sturdy support for this project, it’s best to check the full instructions  here to find out exactly what to do. Be sure to allow you feet to still touch the ground just to be safe.

There is still a fine difference between a hammock and a hammock chair, although both sound very relaxing.

Get to work

The best thing about all these ideas is that you can do each and every one of them on your own. The guides here will show you exactly what you need and how to get it done.

It’s one thing to hire a professional designer to take care of your front porch. They’re sure to give you the best options and they can assure you of high-quality workmanship.

On the other hand, finishing your porch designs on your own brings a better sense of pride. This is pride coming from the notion that your own efforts have made your house look great. On top of the huge savings you get, breaking a little sweat over your patio is also a good work-out.

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