33 Enclosed Porch Breakfast Nooks (Coziness OVERLOAD)

Creating a breakfast nook is a perfect way to utilize extra space near your kitchen. Get more inspired to wake up for the most important meal of the day with the following breakfast nooks that are as cozy as your home.

1. Sunday breakfast nook

Surrounded by large windows, this nook is a perfect spot for enjoying the sun and a cup of coffee. Simply add a tulip table and you’re all set for a leisurely meal with friends or family.

2. Comfy diner or breakfast nook?

The light-colored cushions and painted chairs create a happy feel to this nook. The L-shaped bench makes the most of the space and creates extra places to sit.

3. Rustic nook

Who wouldn’t love having pancakes and a cup of coffee in this nook? With a rustic table, large windows, and nautical cushions, eating breakfast would feel like having a holiday in an old town or countryside.

4. Contemporary art nook

The turquoise-colored bench that wraps the space and the vintage fixtures create a sweet spot for breakfast. The bench adds an extra space to sit and serves a smart storage space for keeping your extra stuff out of sight.

5. Breakfast with mom or grandma

The brightly-colored pillows and repurposed bench are unified with the white-painted table and chairs. The chairs’ slipcovers and the nook’s accessories add a vintage yet cozy feel to this space.

6. Shabby chic nook

Simple yet classy is what this nook is all about. The white table, chandelier, and dainty fabrics add a touch of sophistication and coziness into this tiny space. The mirror is placed in a perfect location, giving an illusion of a bigger space.

7. Elegant distress

Wrapped by large windows, this quaint space can serve more than just a place for eating breakfast. The dainty chandelier, the sleek white table and chairs, and the soft cushions add to the shabby-chic feel of this nook.

8. Cushiony, quaint corner

The cushioned bench, throw pillows, and the repainted table add to the rustic yet comforting feel of this breakfast nook. Now, who says you have to buy everything new to create a cozy nook? Everything in this space is repurposed.

The large windows add brightness and a sunny feel to this space. The multi-colored pillows, vintage chandelier, and ‘glassy’ chairs all add to the funky look of this breakfast nook.

10. Modern Minimalist

The legless table and benches add to the minimalist feel of this nook. The wood adds to that warm and cozy feel while the large window provides a stunning view of the outdoors. This is a perfect spot for a reflective morning while enjoying your cup of coffee and toast.

11. Basket case

The patterns and brightly-colored pillows and chairs bring out the inner child in you. The fun fabric blends well with the sleek white bench. Now, who’s ready for a party-like breakfast meal?

12. Aqua contrast

The bright and complementing colors of white, blue, and yellow of this nook adds to the ‘happy’ feel of this space. Anyone waking up to this beautiful space will definitely hesitate to skip breakfast.

13. Cabin in the woods

With almost everything is made from wood, this breakfast nook reminds you of the outdoors, of camping, and warm, home-cooked meals. Throw in some brightly-colored pillows and you’re up for an uplifting space, perfect for your hearty meal.

14. Sunshine Inside

Wake up in a happy mood with this breakfast nook wrapped by large windows. The brightly-colored pillows and cushion goes well to the white table, bench, and chairs. The windows are great assets too for this space as they add to the brightness and provide an awesome view of the outside.

15. Intimate booth

Minimalist yet elegant is what this breakfast nook is all about. The throw pillows go well with the bare white walls and benches.

16. Tie it together with a painting

Not just for breakfast, the artistic vibe created by this space can also serve as a hangout place for friends or family. The combination of colors are easy to the eyes and adds to the dainty feel of this tiny yet creative space.

17. Memories all around

Meals are better shared with your loved ones. And there’s no better way to express that than filling your breakfast nook with photos of people and events that matter to you. The space is well-utilized, giving more space for people to sit.

18. Unique piece and gingham

Vintage and elegance is what this nook stands for. Its gingham pillows and cushions add to that vintage feel while its unusual-looking chandelier and glass -top iron table add to the sophisticated look.

19. Wake up to the waves

Large windows are perfect for this space as they give an awesome view of the beach. The wooden table and the color of the throw pillows add to the laid back feel of this breakfast nook.

20. Pillow fight first thing

Who says you can’t stuff so many pillows in your breakfast nook? The white windows and wall balance out the contrasting colors of the wallpaper and the throw pillows.

21. Letter it up

The turquoise-colored chair and throw pillows create a laid back and cozy atmosphere. It’s actually more than just a breakfast nook. The space itself becomes an inviting place to catch up with your friends and family.

22. Knickknacks in the morning

Unleash your creativity and the love for crafts by turning your extra space in a breakfast nook like this. The randomness of the displayed accessories and the pillows provide an inviting space for both the young and young at heart.

23. Around the world

The carpet, the round wooden table, and the lampshade creates a relaxing vibe to this breakfast nook. It makes you feel like you’re dining in a different country without actually leaving home.

24. Splash of red

Whether it’s pancake or a cup of coffee this simple yet elegant breakfast nook never makes you say ‘no’ to skipping breakfast. The red cushion adds life to the sleek white table and benches while the lamp gives this space a tinge of warmth and an inviting feel.

25. Patterns and solids

Why dine out if you can dine in right inside the comfort of your own home? This nook gives you a ‘restaurant’ feel without taking away the comforting feel of home. Thanks to the crafty and bright-colored cushions and large windows giving you a wonderful view of the world outside.

26. Two solids and a washout

Space-saving and inviting, this nook has the contrasting colors of yellow, white, and blue. Although the 3 colors are present from the accessories down to the chairs, it doesn’t give this space a boring look.

27. Like the ocean

This breakfast nook, with the contrasting color of white and blue, reminds you of the breezy and relaxing vibe of the beach. The table gives it a rustic feel while the lamp adds to that shabby-chic style.

28. A girl’s space

“Dainty” and “clean” is what this nook evokes. The simplicity of the chosen colors gives this space a minimalist feel without stripping away the cute factor.

29. If grandma had an interior design degree

The lightly-painted blue chairs and the green curtains and cushions of this breakfast nook would remind you of your grandma’s cozy home. Turn on the right music and you’re ready to feel a 1970s home vibe.

30. High tea

Enjoy a cup of tea every morning feeling like royalty with this Victorian-inspired breakfast nook. The huge windows and the centerpiece adds more life to this space.

31. Bold prints in the morning

Go crazy with prints with this kind of breakfast nook. The plain-colored couch creates a balance between the different prints you can find in this space.

32. Warm butter

Clean and elegant is what this breakfast nook wants to evoke. It has the right amount of accessories and brightness, giving you an undistracted feel if you want to have a quiet breakfast meal.

33. Smart chic

The combination of patterned and multi-colored throw pillows, old-fashioned chairs, and wooden table gives this breakfast nook a modern yet homey feel. The chandelier adds elegance to this space while the large windows give you a view of the outdoors.


Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you constantly find yourself skipping breakfast, then perhaps, creating a breakfast nook like one these is the way to cut that unhealthy habit. Their coziness would make you enjoy every bite of your meal and make you wish that you have longer breakfast time.