3 Best Ways to Spend $2000 on Your Porch (And Not Regret It)

Ever felt the need to transform your plain, dull, cheap porch to a perfect, relaxing spot for your friends and your relatives?

All of us are striving to make the outdoors of our home as beautiful as possible; but where do we start? In this article, you may see some ideas that can relevantly add to the astounding beauty of your porch, all under $2000.

Patio decorating ideas on a budget usually lack for quality materials and furniture since cheap usually means flimsy. But if you know where to look and are armed with a bit of carpentry or woodworking, outdoor patio ideas on a budget can be very chic and the envy of your neighbors.

Small porch ideas on a budget can be difficult to put together. While IKEA is one good solution, the internet is actually the place to go. The DIYers out there who want to get into front porch decorating on a budget can surely use the three projects we’ve lined up here.

For starters, how about creating an accent piece as just one of many porch ideas on a budget. Putting lanterns on a ladder can give your cheap porch a makeover.

Lanterns on a Ladder

cheap patio furniture sets under 200

Do you have that fully-lit patio where you can’t set a good, calm, tranquil mood when you’re relaxing? Front porch decorating ideas on a budget always have lanterns for DIYers and shabby chic lovers.

Have you ever thought of putting the lights down? Well, by doing this project, you are going to slide the mood towards ‘relaxed’.

This patio idea on a budget will surely make you want to hang out more on your patio, even when you are alone.


  • Wooden ladder (flat)
  • Chains
  • Anchors
  • Jute rope
  • Lanterns
  • Eye bolts
cheap back porch ideas


1. Make the layout on where to put what lanterns on the ladder for your patio on a budget. How long your ladder is will be the guide on how many lanterns you can put; of course, you can’t hang heavy lanterns or many lanterns because that could make the whole thing fall.

2. Decide on where you would hang your ladder; secure eye hooks on the ceiling. Be sure to measure so you have equal distances between lanterns. Use anchors to ensure full support because the weight of the ladder and the lantern might cause the whole thing to fall.

3. Make your ladder. Tie a jute rope at one end of the ladder first and be sure that you can adjust the length of it. Tie the other end of the rope on the other side leaving the middle part loose. Hang the middle part on the eye hooks and the anchors, adjusting each side of the ladder to make sure that it is balanced out. It would be better if you hide the hooks by tying jute rope around the metal flange.

4. Lastly, tie lanterns on the steps of the ladder, accordingly using the jute rope for your outdoor patio ideas on a budget. You can have it all leveled out or you can have it in different lengths. It’s totally up to you.

small patio ideas on a budget

This project is not only good-looking, but can create a good relaxed ambiance as well for small patio ideas on a budget! By having these small, fairly-lit lights on your patio, you can ensure a good night’s entertainment.

These good backyard patio ideas on a budget can turn your patio from drab to fab!

To have a new and cool way to light up your table at your patio, try and make this cool idea.

There are a lot of great outdoor patio ideas on a budget that are simple but can turn your house into a creative, artsy home and this idea is one of them.

You may notice that this is one of the cheapest solutions to a porch decor on a budget .You can then have more funds to buy furniture that can complement your new chic lanterns and ladder setup.

DIY Hammock

back porch ideas on a budget

Everyone loves a good quiet rest in the quiet, tranquil outdoors. A cushioned bed would be nice but a slowly, slyly swaying hammock could be a lot better.

This front or even back porch idea on a budget is great for all ages; whether you want to read, rest, take a nap, etc., lying down on a hammock in the comfort of your own lot will probably be one of the best relaxations you will ever experience.

When you’re making patios on a budget, a hammock could be a great alternative to a daybed.

Here’s how to make one on your own:


  • 3 yards of heavy canvas fabric
  • Grommet cutter/tool
  • 24 grommets
  • Sewing machine
  • 2 hardwood beams (1.5” thick by 2” wide x length of hammock’s width)
  • 100 feet of cotton rope (¼”)
  • Drill with ½ bit
  • 2 metal “O” rings


screen porch decorating ideas on a budget

1. Choose the fabric you will use; make sure that your fabric is heavy duty and can handle the weight it needs to support.

2. Sew the ends of the fabric. Fold for about 2.5” then iron them to keep them steadily folded. Repeat the folding and the ironing. By folding it twice, the tendency is that the support will be much greater than compared to just one fold. It also hides the fluff of the fabric of the first fold. The side on which you will see the fold is the bottom part of the hammock.

3. Mark the grommet holes; be sure to set them evenly apart. Mark 12 grommet holes per end of the hammock.

4. Use the grommet tool to cut the mark. If the grommet tool would fail due to the thickness of the fold, you can use a sharp-edged knife or cutter to finish the hole. The holes do not have to be perfect because it will be covered by the grommet anyway.

5. Add the grommets, reading the instructions on the grommet tool and how to cut it out. Be sure to check that your grommet is on the right side because grommets have front and back sides.

6. Now you have to deal with the wood beams. Cut two hardwood beams that follow the length of your hammock. Drill ½” holes in the beam for the grommet; be sure that it is precisely drilled according to the spacing of the grommet to avoid disruption of balance.

7. Add the hammock string. Cut the string into two 5”’ pieces and place the fabric on the ground, right side up. Place your wood beam on top of the grommets.

8. Here is a video of a fancy weaving technique that you can do to weave the strings of your hammock. It does not have to be complicated, this is just a cool and creative way of weaving to add to the style of your homemade cheap porch hammock.

9. After weaving, repeat the steps you did on the other side of the hammock.

10. Screw two strong and sturdy hooks to where you plan on hanging the hammock for your O rings. You can use an anchor or a carabiner to add length if you are not satisfied with the length.

11. Hang your hammock and it is ready to go.

front porch decorating on a budget

This idea is great because it does not only revolve solely on porches; you can also have this on your backyard, your patio, even in your garden!

This front porch decoration idea on a budget is surely flexible and can be used anytime! If you are planning to use this in your backyard, be sure to get waterproof fabric.

Everybody wants to relax; so why not do it in style? Be sure to include this in your porch décor on a budget list and amaze your relatives and friends with the creativity of this project.

Create two hammocks and repaint your porch or patio in a light color to match a beach-themed design. Small porch ideas on a budget can have child hammocks for families.

Alternatively, you can buy a hammock online for less than $50. Keep in mind that this is the flimsiest type and may need replacing sooner than the sturdy DIY version we offer.

If you want to get the best hammock for under $2000, you can always go for this if you have a pool or this model, which can accommodate up to six people in separate hammocks.

Double Chair Bench with Table

porch ideas on a budget

Imagine a bench, with two seats attached to each other and a table in between--that’s what you call a perfect duo. Although there are a lot of cheap patio furniture sets under $200, this will surely save you a lot of money and can be far more exciting to have in the vicinity of your house.

Some expert carpenters are even able to make these bench and table combos transform into something portable that you can take with you in your car. You can also hide this in the backyard when you don’t have guests over.


  • Drill
  • Orbital sander
  • Sanding block
  • Circular saw
  • Miter saw
  • 2x6 lumber
  • 2x4 lumber
  • 1x6 lumber
  • 1x4 lumber
  • Deck Screws
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • Paint brush
  • Spar urethane
  • Drill bits
patio designs on a budget


1. Cut your lumber using the miter saw; use the 1x6’s to make the measurements for the table top and the armrests. Be sure to set the miter saw to 15 degrees on its angle.

2. Take two (2) 2x4’s for the notch on the front; measure up to 9” from the bottom of the front leg mark; from your 9” mark, measure up to 5” and make one more mark. Use jigsaw to cut the measurements you made. To check if you did the right measurements, take a piece of the 2x6 and if it fits smoothly, you’re going on the right track.

3. Make the rounded corners of the armrest. To have precision, grab a roll of tape mark it. Use jigsaw to cut.

4. To assemble both sides, attach the front and rear leg with the arm support 2x4 and place it on top.

5. Measure and mark up to 11” back from the rear of the front leg and line up the rear leg so the 15 degree angle will exactly be seated with the arm support; drill holes and attach them using 2” deck screws.

6. Drill 3 holes from inside the front legs into the 2x6; measure 8” up from the bottom of the rear leg. The corner should flush with inside of the leg which leads to the bottom part parallel to the floor.

7. You will have to have supports for the chairs and the middle as well. Attach the cross support (chair) with two or three screws. If it is correctly done, it should be parallel to the armrest and the 15 degree angle sits accordingly to the rear supports.

8. For the middle cross support, you can drive 2 screws from the 2x6 to the cross support.

9. Attach the back supports by using 2.5” screws; the bottom part should have an angle that would be parallel to the 15 degree angle of the cross support.

10. Attach the first slat, it should be on top of the 2x6 by ¾” over the front. Then attach the rear so it touches both the backrest supports. Attach the remaining slats and set them evenly apart (slats are 20.5” wide).

screen porch ideas on a budget

11. Attach the slats for the backrest (19”); it is recommended that you attach the top board first in order for it to square up the rest of the backrest supports. Attach the bottom board and the remaining boards and set them apart evenly.

12. Attach two 14” to the front of the 2x6 using two 2” deck screws. Finally, connect them using a 17” long 2x4.

13. Attach 15.5” slats to support the back of the table. Make sure the slat is flushed up at the bottom of the 2x6 rear support. Connect the tops with two 17” by 2x4s.

14. To strengthen the furniture, the two middle backrests should be attached to the 17” 2x4 table support; use two 3” deck screws on each side of the back supports.

15. Attach 3 1x6 boards using 2” deck screws to finish up the table; space them evenly apart. The edges will line up precisely with the 17” 2x4 supports underneath it.

16. For the armrests, attach 1x6 board and leave 1” overhang on front and it should flush at the backside.

17. Use screw putty to fill the screw holes; let it dry for a few hours.

18. Sand the holes to get rid of excess putty. Clean off sawdust prior to finishing.

19. Use Spar urethane to finish up; let dry.

You can check out the full tutorial here and here's the video version too:


The uniqueness, efficiency, and creativity of this idea will make everyone want to do it. Instead of buying cheap porch furniture that will probably last for a short while, try and create this awesome porch idea on a budget!

This project is great in enhancing your porch, even your patio and actually anywhere outdoors!

The combination of attached seats and a table in between is surely anyone’s dream relaxation spot for back porch ideas on a budget. Whether you are sitting down with a friend or a relative, a nice cold drink in middle would make the moment more than perfect! This is also great for a project for cheap porches.

Cheap patio furniture sets under $100 are great and can easily bring your expenses on your new porch or patio down.

If you’re looking for anything under $2000, Amazon suggests this set of furniture, featuring a basketweave design. But for the best value for money, you may want to look at this complete set that can seat 8 people.

More great porch and patio ideas:

  • Get a cheap porch swing from a flea markets and garage sales in your neighborhood. These can always be repaired to look new or shabby chic.
  • Cheap porch ideas abound on Pinterest and the Martha Steward website.
  • When looking for patio ideas on a budget, bring a scrapbook of the look you want to have when you go shopping.
  • Cheap back porch ideas are available online--you just have to look.
  • When you want screen porch ideas on a budget, a helpful store clerk can fit everything into your funds as long as you eagerly tell them you really want to fix your porch.
  • Repurpose old pillows from inside the house so you can maximize patio ideas on a budget.
  • Look for old buildings and ask to buy components for a new-old look to your screen porch decorating ideas on a budget.

When you want to spend $2000 on your porch, think twice. While there are great cheap patio furniture sets under 200, you don’t have to spend that much. With some internet research and bargain hunting, you can create a porch that suits your home on whatever budget you have.



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