5 Best Hanging Plants For Shaded Porch Use (Succumb To Your Green Thumb)

Are you looking for plants to grow on your porch?

Do you worry about the plants you choose not getting enough sunlight?

Have you ever wondered how to find the best hanging plants for shaded porch situations?

Below, we’ve listed five great low-light plants that are sure to make your porch come to life with color and greenery. When you keep plants on your porch, you have to consider that they may not get any direct sunlight, depending on the layout of the porch itself. If they do get light, it won’t be more than a little bit each day, so you have to choose plants that will work well in these shading situations.

By picking one or more of the hanging plants listed below, you’ll be able to bring home something that will look beautiful and be easy to grow regardless of your porch setup. So let’s get started!

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Picks:

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1. Oxalis Triangularis Bulbs

Oxalis Triangularis Bulbs - Purple Shamrocks - 20 Robust Bulbs - Grows Indoors & Out | Ships from Easy to Grow TM

Choose this pack of 20 Oxalis Triangularis Bulbs if you’re looking for something to add a pop of beautiful color to your shaded porch. These flowers bloom in white to light pink and feature incredible dark purple leaves that look amazing in just about any situation. Although they need some light, they can grow well inside as well as on shaded porches, since they don’t require direct sunlight. These are great hardy flowers that will grow in a couple of months after planting.


  • check
    These flowers look delicate but hold up to a lot in terms of temperature fluctuations.
  • check
    Even beginners don’t usually have trouble getting these bulbs to sprout with enough time and water.


  • Some customers have reported only getting sprouts from about half of the bulbs in an order with this product.
  • These bulbs may be smaller than some of the other comparable ones on the market.

2. Hedera Helix

Hedera helix 'English Ivy' (Grower's Choice)

Try growing this Hedera Helix, otherwise known as English Ivy, when you’re looking for a hardy plant that doesn’t need much light at all to grow beautifully. Perfect for container gardening on a porch or patio, this plant thrives in a wide temperature range and is sure to make a beautiful, green addition to your outdoor space in no time. Enjoy watching it grow as you keep it watered without having to worry too much about the lighting situation on your back porch.


  • check
    This is a plant start that arrives in good condition more often than not.
  • check
    This product only takes a few days to start sprouting new growth after it arrives and is planted.


  • The plant doesn’t come with a pot or any soil, so you’ll need to purchase these items separately.
  • The plant is quite small on arrival.

3. Dolce Cinnamon Curls Coral Bells

Dolce Cinnamon Curls Coral Bells (Heuchera) Live Plant, Red Foliage, 4.5 in. Quart

Grow this Dolce Cinnamon Curls Coral Bells plant, otherwise known as Heuchera, when you want something a little more unique for your porch growth options. This plant looks red-orange and sometimes turns a little purple depending on the individual plant. It can grow well whether you put it in sunlight or not, making it a good all-purpose plant for areas of your porch that may receive some light but nothing too direct or too shaded, either.


  • check
    This plant is shipped as a start that is about a year old, so it should already have some growth on it by this time.
  • check
    The plant is well-packaged and arrives in good condition with care taken in its shipping conditions as well.


  • Rarely, the plant may arrive with some breakage, although it should bounce back just fine if this happens.
  • The plant may take some time to grow larger than it is on arrival.

4. Lobelia Riviera


If you’re looking for a plant with a lot of color, check out this Lobelia Riviera. This beautiful live plant grows dark green leaves and deep midnight blue flowers that pop beautifully against just about any backyard porch or patio backdrop. This plant is happy to grow in planters and containers, so it’s a great solution even for anyone who’s looking for apartment plants, too. Set it up in a pot with some soil, keep it watered, and watch it burst into bloom!


  • check
    This is a very vivid and bright low-light plant that looks great on any porch.
  • check
    This is a hardy plant that works well in all sorts of temperatures and climates as long as you keep up with watering it.


  • Rarely, some plants may not be in good condition on arrival.
  • You will need to purchase a pot and soil separately for this plant, as it does not come with anything like this.

5. Double Begonia


When you want to decorate your porch with a colorful, delicate, and very popular type of flower, look no further than this elegant Double Begonia. This begonia, available in a shade of pink known as cherry blossom, is a beautiful small plant start that’s ready and waiting for you to bring it home and help it grow to its full potential. This plant is sure to make your porch come to life with color and help it smell nice, too!


  • check
    This product comes with two plant starts of about three inches each, so you have twice the opportunity to get your flowers growing well.
  • check
    This is a hardy plant that holds up well to temperature changes.


  • You will need to make sure you don’t over-water this plant for best results.
  • This plant can be challenging to get started, although once it blooms it should grow fairly normally from then on.


So what do you think? Did you find a flower or plant that will work well for your shading needs? There are a few great options listed here, and although there are some other good low-light plants you might want to choose from, this list can give you a good place to get started. Take your time and choose your favorite plants from our list, or just try one of each. You can’t go wrong bringing home several, after all!

best shade loving hanging plants

But which one should you try if you can only try one? Which one is the easiest for beginners to grow and help flourish? Although any of these plants should work well for a beginner, we recommend getting started with the Hedera Helix, or English Ivy. This plant is very easy to grow, and since it comes as a plant start instead of a seed or bulb, it’s already going to have some growth you can enjoy. It’s hardy and can handle a few beginner mistakes if something goes wrong with growing it, and it’s also a beautiful and elegant addition to any porch.

Whether you start with English Ivy or choose another option from our list, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience of growing these beautiful plants on your own porch, even if you don’t have much lighting to work with.



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