25 Best Outdoor Porch Lights for Sale Online

Your outdoor porch lights aren’t just meant for lighting your path to the front door. It’s a symbol of your stronghold and a great home accent. Your porch lights give your home curb appeal without being too ostentatious--unless that’s what you’re going for.

What are porch lights for?

Porch lights create a welcoming ambiance to the front of your house but can also serve as part of your security system. The right lighting and timing of the lights can deter burglars as well as complete the design on your porch.

Here are the best lights to give the best impressions of your façade from LED porch lights to hanging lamps to RV porch light ideas, you’ll find your fancy in this list. They’re even grouped by price. You’re welcome.

Designers Fountain 2961-BK Devonshire Wall Lanterns, Black

Taken from the popular European city, these Devonshire lanterns mount onto your walls nicely. It runs on 120 volts and is barely 8 inches tall. It’s unobtrusive and betrays an English hint of sophistication. Despite the design, you might just find issue with the size. That means it can only house a small bulb that may be more decorative than functional. Be careful with the when handling its aluminum finish as well. It gets hot to the touch when left on for a long time.

Heath/Zenith HZ-4133-OR Shaker Cove Mission-Style 150-Degree Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Leaving the porch light on the whole night can be a bad idea for your utility budget, but you can’t risk not having any lights on your house at night. It’s the primary crime deterrent.

What if you could make it so that your porch light only activates when there’s someone at the door? This motion sensor porch light does exactly that. It saves energy and lights up when it counts. It’s a porch light with outlet for a motion sensor that blends with the design in a seamless manner. You can also use its porch light timer function to set how long it stays on after being activated.

With a fine glass chamber and bronze finish, it’s classy and functional. The only setback is that you have to manually adjust from manual to motion-sensitive if you need the light on for a long amount of time.

Hardware House H10-3459 Madison Outdoor Fixture Down Light, Royal Bronze

The Madison fixture comes in a small, bronze finish that somewhat looks like wood. It gives off a soothing, yellowish and welcoming glow that will make your outdoor porch lighting look twice as comfortable. It comes with a wall mount already assembled onto it, making installation quite easy. Replacing an existing light is just a matter of working through a few wires.

The lantern is open at the bottom, allowing for easy bulb replacement. You just have to worry about cleaning and polishing because the wood-like appearance can easily hide rust.

Brinks 7238BZ-1 Lantern Carousel Bronze with Motion Light

This motion-detecting lantern will only turn on when someone is within its vicinity, saving you substantial amounts on the electric bill. It’s slightly taller than the other lanterns, scaling at 8.2 inches. It also has a rigid design that further betrays a classical approach. Metal frames secure plastic screens that allow the light from the bulb to scatter.

What also makes this exterior porch light different is the fact that it has a photocell. That makes it motion and light sensitive. It automatically activates at night and shuts down at dawn. You can also switch in between motion-sensitivity and light-sensitivity modes at a whim.

The only drawback to this item is the fact that that the bulb screen is made of plastic. This might melt when the lantern is left on for too long.

Heath Zenith HZ-4151-BR1 Mission Style 150-Degree Motion Sensing Decorative Security Light, Rustic Brown

As the name implies, it comes with a rustic brown finish. That makes it perfect for home-owners who prefer the classical side of things. It brings a 90’s furnished look that compliments polished wood finishes on your porch.

It comes equipped with a motion sensor that gives an electricity-saving mode that only activates the lantern when someone is at the door. It’s sensitive enough to detect motion from 30 feet away. You won’t have to bother looking at a large, obtrusive motion detector. It fits seamlessly with the classic design on the lantern.

It does require some studying, though. On top of the motion-sensor, the lantern also comes with motion sensitivity toggles that will allow you to adjust how sensitive you want your sensor to be.

Designers Fountain 2981-BK 9-1/2 Cast Wall Lantern Devonshire

You can go for an all-black finish of the earlier Devonshire models. This slightly more expensive model comes with a six-sided bulb cylinder encased with glass sheets. It may look like it’s not weather proof but the cast aluminium composition of the design allows it to stand strong on your porch even when it’s pouring.

It just might be a little harder to maintain because it needs 3 bulbs. It could cause issues having more than one lantern for your porch. It’s better suited for smaller porches that could use that much light from one lantern.

Thomas Lighting SL92337 Covington Outdoor Hanging Lantern, Black

There are those who want to have their lanterns drop from the ceiling. It adds more character and flair to a front porch. If done right, it could add quite the romantic touch as well. This black hanging porch light does exactly that.

The clear, yet seeded glass panels illuminate your porch clearly in almost any condition. The classic approach to the design makes for some medieval contemplation out in the porch on Sunday mornings.

Some people may complain about how flimsy a hanging lantern looks like because of how it’s mounted. That may be the case with this model. Although the cast aluminium finish provides it with weather-proof protection, you better make sure you have some sturdy chains to hold up this lantern.

Progress Lighting P5649-31 2-Light Cast Aluminum Wall Lantern with Water-Seeded Glass, Textured Black

Another all-black model, this one also comes with water-seeded glass. This gives more texture to your light and adds a few shadows to give your porch some character.

Like other lanterns in this price range, it accommodates more than one bulb. This allows them to light longer front-door paths at night.

You may not want this lantern for smaller gardens because it’s quite large. Standing at 18 inches, it’s almost double the height of something more compact and more energy-efficient lantern. You might just want to get this one when your front garden becomes larger as well.

Heath/Zenith SL-4144-AZ-A New-England Carriage-Style 150-Degree Motion-Sensing Security Light, Antique Bronze

This is a combination of classic and modern tastes. It has a four-sided bulb chamber with glass panels. The complete design gives off an old English feeling; This motion activated porch light resembles the ones that would go well on a horse-pulled carriage during those days.

Underneath that classic design is their patented motion-sensor technology. It works at 150 degrees around the lantern, ensuring it picks up the slightest movements. You can also adjust the sensor to stay on for different amounts of time once the sensor has been triggered. You can choose to have the light on for 20 minutes at most.

It is large, though. Just a few centimetres shy of the previous entry, this one stands at 15.60 inches. It would really look good in a large garden but would overpower the quaintness of a small porch.

Heath Zenith SL-4166-SA Motion-Activated Six-Sided Carriage Light, Silver with Beveled Glass

Angled cuts on the glass panels of this model make the line shine in different directions, adding a playful effect to your porch. The refraction of the light covers a wider area and illuminates more than your standard lamp.

The 8 inch tall metallic design gives off a modern feel that works well with today’s porches. The six-sided bulb chamber is topped by a simple ornament that houses its iconic motion-sensor. What makes this lantern different is the fact that it’s only 8 inches tall. It’s smaller than other motion-sensitive lanterns and fits perfectly with small porches. Add the bevelled glass effect to that and you have a one-of-a-kind porch light.

It can only house one bulb though, so you might want to look for front porch lights if you own a large front porch and you’re covering a wide space.

Vaxcel RBOFU120EB 2 Light Robie Flush Outdoor Close to Ceiling Light, Espresso Bronze

With a larger budget, you can invest in more grandiose and permanent porch light fixtures for your front porch. One such lantern is this close- to-ceiling model. It’s large and bright in a non-threatening manner. It gives off a soothing, yellowish glow that creates a welcoming atmosphere right at the front door. The espresso-bronze finish a homey feeling that greets your visitors every time.

Because it goes directly into the ceiling, takes up a lot of ceiling space. Spanning 12 inches in width, it’s going to illuminate a large portion of your porch. Powered by 2 60 watt bulbs, it provides great lighting. The espresso finish compliments its yellowish glow, making for a great addition to your porch, truly one of the more stylish porch ceiling lights available.

Quoizel NY8317B Newbury 2-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern, Polished Brass

This outdoor lantern comes in a classic brass finish that betrays a very classic touch. The bevelled glass finish adds more direction and character to your porch and mixes well with almost any home style you might have.

It runs on two bulbs, making one of the brightest outside porch lights as well. Consider your front porch lit when you have one of these installed. You just want to be careful about the brass. Since these outdoor lanterns are exposed to the elements on a daily basis, you might need to do occasional polishing here and there to maintain their shine.

Kichler Lighting 49201BK Tremillo 14-1/2-Inch Light Outdoor Wall Lantern, Black with Satin-Etched Cased Opal Glass

Carrying opal glass panels, the opaque lighting approach makes for a very formal atmosphere. It sometimes comes off as clean but creative. The design is topped off with a few vertical bars that strike the front, completing the formal aura of the lantern.

This model also comes with a dimmer function. This allows you to adjust the level of brightness coming from the light. You can change moods or save energy whenever necessary.

It would have been perfect if it came with a motion sensor. The price just seems to stem from the design and the nothing else. The dimmer function is a great addition but it just seems to be lacking in the function department for something at this price range.

Quoizel NY1794Z Newbury 3-Light Outdoor Flush Mount, Medici Bronze

Its rugged yet elegant design gives off an embellished image that you can’t find in most outdoor porch lights. The unique bronze finish works well with most porch designs and color schemes. You won’t have difficulty matching styles.

It works great with tall and short ceilings, but instalment may prove to be difficult. The mount design of the lantern makes it difficult to fasten. However, you no longer need to remove the whole mount to replace bulbs. A simple knob in the center removes the glass panels, allowing for easy bulb replacement.

Paradise GL23702 Cast-Aluminum Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light

The full street lamp approach is a creative way to add sophistication to any porch. What better way to showcase rustic appreciation than to install a whole lamp post in your front yard? This dusk to dawn porch light is set to only go on at night and stay on until daybreak.

To top that all of, it’s solar powered. Given the fact that it’s designed as a lamp post, wiring and power sources could pose problems. That’s why this model comes with 4 solar panels that gather energy during the day to power 14 lumens light at night. You don’t even have to turn it on. It’s a plug and play LED porch light.

Given that it’s designed as a street light, you might find trouble finding the perfect spot for it on your porch. It could end up as an obstruction for smaller porches or stick out like a sore thumb in a large one. It works best in outdoor patios that host chairs and tables.

Progress Lighting P5589-09 Bay Court Collection 1-Light Hanging Lantern, Brushed Nickel

If you’re into hanging porch lights, this one has to be a top contender. The polished nickel finish works well with bright homes and high ceilings. The frosted finish on the glass cylinders is really unique and gives off a good nautical feel to your front porch.

Guarding the bulbs are seeded glass panels that accentuate the nickel finish on the lamp. It works well with drab front porches that need a little more glimmer. It uses a 100 volt bulb, making it the star of your front porch.

Since it’s a hanging lantern, you want to make sure not to suspend it from a low ceiling. You also don’t want to hang it too low from the top. The issue with most hanging lanterns is that they cause accidents during weather disturbances.

Trans Globe Lighting 4719 BG 3-Light Pole Lantern, Black Gold

Compared to the earlier entry, you’ve got three bulbs that provide a wider coverage and a brighter light. It also has a classic design that gives off an old-school feel that takes you back. If you want something really fancy, this is definitely the one for you.

The only drawback to this lantern post is the fact that it runs on electricity. You’ll have to worry about the wiring from your house to the position of the post. It doesn’t have any solar panels that make it easy to deal with. Be sure to map your front porch well before ordering this one.

Progress Lighting P5989-122 Resort Collection 1-Light Wall Lantern, Aged Copper

Price: $266.13 on Amazon

This is one of the larger one-light wall mounts. It stands slightly over 19 inches so be sure to make some space on your wall. In addition to that, the model is also solar-powered. It’s imperative that you place it in a spot that soaks plenty of sunlight.

The bulb chamber is decorated with intricate lattice work that adds an arts-and-crafts touch to your lighting. Couple that with an open-bottom cylinder and you have easy-access bulb replacement.

The main drawback to this lamp is that the glass panels covering the bulb chamber tend to obstruct light, causing the bottom of the chamber to shine the most. That means you have to place this one on a high part of your wall to get the most out of it.

Progress Lighting P5701-31 4-Light Wall Lantern with Clear Beveled Glass, Textured Black

Price: $261.99 on Amazon

Housing four bulbs, this lantern is one of the brightest on the list. With bevelled glass panels on the chamber, it gives off an image of sophistication. This works great with small front yards that don’t really need multiple lights.

The black finish on this lantern adds a sense of sophistication to your facade, but it doesn’t erase the fact that it’s quite large. Coming in at 31 inches tall, this model may prove to be a bulky addition to your home. That makes installation a bit difficult. The quadruple-bulb allotments also make replacement tricky.

World Imports Lighting 1609-63 Chatham 9-Light Hanging Lantern, French Bronze

Just like the name says, this large lantern can hold up to 9 small bulbs in one go. The bulbs go onto receptor sticks that make them look like candles hanging from a chandelier. This grandiose design shows a deep appreciation for classical design.

Despite that, you may not want this one if you’ve got a low ceiling or a small area at the porch. That’s because it’s big. 25 inches tall to be exact. You may also want to overlook this if you want something brighter. Although it houses nine bulbs, these are only small ones which are more aesthetic than functional.

Troy Lighting Old Town Bronze 1 Light Wall Lantern

Price: $526.00 on Amazon

If you’re tired of the rustic, classic and medieval designs of most models on this list, how about something that looks like an underground mine lantern? The simple design on this front porch light boasts of a bronze finish that fits well with almost any exterior house design. The bulb chamber also comes with a bronze film that adds a hazy yellow glow to your light.

With more to look for in the design, it’s not as bright as other mentions on this list. It only accommodates a 60 watt bulb. That alone says a lot about how far that lantern is going to light up. With only a dimmer function available on it, you might just want to look for something else, unless you’re not too picky about designs.

Feiss OL1901GBZ 3-Bulb Outdoor Wall Lantern, Grecian Bronze Finish

Price: $553.00 on Amazon

edges and detailed arches make this model sure-win for your classy home. You can tell by the designs that these are one-of-a-kind. If you want your front porch to look well-embellished, there’s no other choice but this one.

On the other hand, a unique design comes at a price. It’s a bit heavy for a wall mount. Weighing almost 12 pounds, you might have to get someone else to help you set this up. You also want to find a large spot outside your house for it because it’s 12 inches tall.

Kichler Lighting 49122AVI Camden 26-1/2-Inch High 3-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern, Anvil Iron with Opal-Etched Glass

Price: $544.50 on Amazon

Taking another modern twist, this tall lantern accommodates three bulbs within an opal glass cylinder. The design is quite simple and is great for conservative homes. The vertical lines along the cylinder add a little more detail to the design.

It’s quite tall as well. It stands at 26 inches. That also means it’s heavy. The lantern alone comes shy of 23 pounds. Setting this one up might need more than one person. It’s a good thing it comes with a back panel for easier installation.

Quoizel FQ1920MK01 French Quarters 4-Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern, Marcado Black

This French-style model will certainly get your attention. Instead of sporting the usual glass panels, it cases its bulbs within an intricately designed metal grill. The traditional, yet elegant approach to this lantern sets it apart from others. Coming in a matte black finish, it’s sure to be the highlight of your porch.

Given that it doesn’t have glass panels, you might want to keep it close to your doorstep. This is because the bulbs aren’t well-protected against the elements. You might have to constantly replace the bulbs after every storm or other weather disturbance.

Pick Your Porch Light!

​You can find both style and affordability meet elegance and extravagance in this list. These porch lighting ideas will sizzle up your backyard and add plenty of class to your designs. Plan your porch well before taking your pick. You just might be the envy of your neighbors with the right lantern.